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(mē-sē′nəs, mĭ-), Gaius 70?-8 bc.
Roman politician and patron of Horace and Virgil.


1. (Biography) Gaius (ˈɡaɪəs). ?70–8 bc, Roman statesman; adviser to Augustus and patron of Horace and Virgil
2. (Art Terms) a wealthy patron of the arts


(miˈsi nəs, maɪ-)

1. Gaius Cilnius, c70–8 B.C., Roman statesman: friend and patron of Horace and Virgil.
2. a generous patron, esp. of art or literature.


nMaecenas m; (fig)Mäzen m
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Augustus raised Agrippa (though of mean birth) to that height, as when he consulted with Maecenas, about the marriage of his daughter Julia, Maecenas took the liberty to tell him, that he must either marry his daughter to Agrippa, or take away his life; there was no third way, he had made him so great.
Balbus sent a story (versus) to Maecenas, who replied that he hoped to use it in due course.
Lenotre had hastened the pleasure of the Maecenas of his period; all the nursery- grounds had furnished trees whose growth had been accelerated by careful culture and the richest plant-food.
asked Vronsky, thinking that, as a Russian Maecenas, it was his duty to assist the artist regardless of whether the picture were good or bad.
But, next day, he resumed the subject by saying in his off-hand manner and with a slighting laugh, 'Well, Blandois, when shall we go to this Maecenas of yours?
He expresses to Maecenas his readiness to give him back all his gifts should he start to feel that these are undermining his efforts.
Dexterously shifting from the past tense to the present, Enobarbus progressively impresses and wins over his audience of Agrippa and Maecenas.
Sir John Richardson fondly remembers this famous heartthrob of the Marquis de Cuevas, ballet's Maecenas, as being "as camp as a row of tents.
Contract notice: Service operation and maintenance of electrical systems and air conditioning systems installed in the settlements of rai tv production centre of milan in via maecenas.
Iskakov is a truly distinguished citizen of Kazakhstan, being a businessman, engineer-builder, Maecenas, patron of the arts and an expert and connoisseur of classical and folk music.
23) Like the ex-slave Horace sits in the first fourteen rows of the theatre with Maecenas.
Manolis Benakis (1899-1977) was the son of Antonis Benakis, the founder of the renowned Benaki Museum (which still plays a vital role in Athenian cultural life); he followed the tradition of his family and became a Maecenas for the arts.