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Subsequently, during the 1980s, the former maestro de capilla of Valladolid Cathedral, Pedro Aizpurua, (11) ventured a new interpretation of the music codex, comparing his research to that carried out by Castrillo and Eldstiza, (12) and providing a complete list of works.
Santiago Codex, [consisting] of sacred polyphonic music written out by various copyists and compiled in 1616 by Diego Sanchez, maestro de capilla, which includes works by Anchieta, Navarro, Morales, etc.
He formed part of the court of Maximilian II and was maestro de capilla for many years at Jaen Cathedral, as well as at Seville Cathedral.
1528-1595) of Valladolid was initially maestro de capilla at Toro Collegiate Church in 1562, and two years later, at Valladolid Cathedral.
1525-1580) was Morales's pupil and later served as maestro de capilla in Malaga, Valladolid, Avila, Salamanca, Ciudad Rodrigo, and Palencia.
1530-1593) was initially maestro de capilla at Cordoba Cathedral and subsequently at Zamora Cathedral until 1572.
In 1622, the Spanish composer Juan Gutierrez de Padilla relocated to the Mexican city of Puebla de los Angeles to assume the post of cantor and assistant maestro de capilla at the thriving cathedral there.
We are fortunate to possess authoritative accounts of this event, and of a second relocation of the same relic in 1690, from the pen of Francisco de los Santos, prior and sometime maestro de capilla of the Escorial.
Baptized at Elgoibar 13 August 1742, he became a Franciscan and at age 25 was maestro de capilla of San Francisco Church in Bilbao.