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(Placename) a town in N South Africa: besieged by the Boers for 217 days (1899–1900) during the second Boer War: administrative headquarters of the British protectorate of Bechuanaland until 1965, although outside its borders. Pop: 23 650 (2001). Former name (until 1980): Mafeking


or Maf•e•king

(ˈmæf ɪˌkɪŋ)
a town in N Republic of South Africa: besieged by Boers for 217 days in 1899–1900. 6500.
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The students leaders said part of their concerns at Mafikeng campus include calling for the University Library to be opened for 24 hours.
Graduate School of Business & Government Leadership North-West University, Mafikeng, South Africa
2004, 'Experiences of relapsed psychiatric patients in Mafikeng in the North-West Province', MCur Thesis, Dept.
Roy Duchesne Fairbridge Smith was born on 26 April 1930 in Kraaipan, Mafikeng where he grew up on a farm.
Lappies told me he had grown up in Mafikeng, a dusty town near the Botswana border.
The seat of government was moved from Mafikeng, in South Africa, to newly-established Gaborone in 1965.
South Africa A North West journalist was shot dead during an armed robbery at a hotel and casino in Mafikeng, police said on Thursday.
He moved to Mafikeng as a clerk and court interpreter.
But his incredible journey almost came to a premature end in 1844 when he was attacked by a lion at his first mission post, near present-day Mafikeng, South Africa.