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Noun1.Margaret Thatcher - British stateswoman; first woman to serve as Prime Minister (born in 1925)
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However, as Maggie Thatcher once said, Labour has always excelled in spending other people's money and, with the Corbynista dynasty always admiring the bankrupt financial model of Venezuela, God help us.
Rod, 72, who also had a huge hit with Maggie May, added: "It's funny, there was PM Maggie Thatcher, now we've got Theresa May - Maggie May ain't it?
SIR - I struggle to believe that so many so-called socialist and working classes have turned to Ukip - Ukip a party made up mostly of Thatcher's and right-wing supporters and money-givers, their leader was a strong supporter of Maggie Thatcher.
Meet the Real Maggie Thatcher, which will perform at Liverpool Small Cinema, Victoria Street on Thursday, is a "frank, powerful and engaging" insight into one of the most notorious and divisive Prime Ministers in UK history.
It was Maggie Thatcher who first 'weaponised' the NHS when she said that the NHS was not a sacred cow.
For the first 10 years of a Labour government, Labour in Wales still blamed Maggie Thatcher.
AUDIENCES are being invited to Meet the Real Maggie Thatcher in a production touring the UK this summer.
This tactic, with a dash of poetic licence, has a history, of course--think Maggie Thatcher, purloiner of children's dairy products--and the Eye would be pleased to see a revival of the practice.
Maggie Thatcher, I have a message for you: 'Your boys took a hell of a beating'.
LOVE her or hate her, Maggie Thatcher defined - and defied - a generation of Brits.
FILMS The Iron Lady 12A MERYL Streep is looking a very good Oscar bet for her portrayal of Maggie Thatcher in this must-see biopic.
The privatisation of this countries essential services such as gas, water and electricity was the biggest mistake any government made when Maggie Thatcher opted for, profit over progress.