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or Ma·ghrib  (mŭg′rəb)
A region of northwest Africa comprising the coastlands and the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.

Ma′ghreb·i adj.


(ˈmʌɡrəbɪ) or


(Placename) of or relating to the Maghreb region of NW Africa or its inhabitants
(Placename) a native or inhabitant of the Maghreb
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10 (Petra)-Awqaf Minister Wael Arabiyat on Wednesday held talks with visiting Grand Brazil Mufti, Mohammed Maghribi.
In Pakistan, we see the same phenomenon in which the existing order is portrayed as maghribi (Western) and un-Islamic, and therefore deserving of destruction by violent means.
Randa Maghribi however, was the cynosure of all eyes.
Not all regions were identical: the Arab Ottoman lands did not turn to adab al-bahth until the end of the seventeenth century due to the preponderance of Maghribi influence there, and Safavid Iran did not take up the discipline much--perhaps, the author suggests, because prominent Iranian scholars such as Mulla Sadra (d.
But it also lay at the intersection of the Saharan, Mediterranean, and Maghribi worlds.
The stories appear in their original Maghribi (North African) Arabic script with facing pages of English translation.
beaucoup moins que] J'etais surpris que des collegues arabes et etrangers appellent notre langue lahja maghribi (accent maghrebin, ndlr).
Saudi Oger manager in the Madina area, engineer Naser Maghribi, was quoted by al Okaz , as saying: "I don't know the reason behind the delay in paying employees, and I am one of them and we hear of salary payments to be made in March.
The paper just gives you the location," never the details, said Abu Hajer Al Maghribi, who spent nearly a year as a cameraman for Daesh.
Meanwhile, other examples of scripts influenced by the whereabouts of their development is the Maghribi script, developed in the western countries of North Africa during the Islamic Empire.
Moroccan artists such as Moataz Abou Zouz, Aziz Al Maghribi, Mohamed Adly, Lebanese singers Elissa, Wael Kfoury, Melhem Zein, and numerous world music artists will also be performing with international headliners Sean Paul (Sunday) Avicii (Monday), Sting (Thursday), Usher (Friday) , and Maroon 5 (Saturday) in the nine day festival.
On 23/12 the Associated Press cameraman Iyad Hammad and other 6 journalists: Munjed Jado, Samer Maghribi (PalMedia cameraman), Mahmoud Elayyan, Musa Qawasme, Abdul Hafiz Hashlamoon and Ahmad Mizher suffered suffocation as a result of the Israeli stun and teargas grenades.