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Noun1.Magicicada - seventeen-year locustMagicicada - seventeen-year locust    
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
Magicicada septendecim, periodical cicada, seventeen-year locust - North American cicada; appears in great numbers at infrequent intervals because the nymphs take 13 to 17 years to mature
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When insect species disappear, the magical mystery Magicicada musical will be silenced, and the trees, turtles, fish and birds will suffer as they lose that periodic extravagance of fertilizer and feed.
In general, the nymphal period of development is semivoltine (LOGAN, 2006) occurring to the extreme to last seventeen years on Magicicada species (KARBAN, 1997).
Antennal sensilla of Magicicada cassini (Fisher) (Homoptera: Cicadidae): fine structure and electrophysiological evidence for olfaction.
Synchronized generations of three Magicicada species designated as Brood II reliably emerge every 17 years in a swath of the U.
Magicicada differ from other cicadas in that they have black bodies, red eyes and orange wing veins.
Members of Magicicada, the genus that includes cicadas with both 13-year and 17-year lifecycles, pop up when the soil temperature about 8 inches down is consistently above 63 degrees Fahrenheit.
One species of periodical cicada, Magicicada tredecassini, was heard during the survey.
His lifecycle mimicked that of an insect that he, as it happens, was the first to tell me about, as we listened to its buzz in the High Sierra: the North American cicada, genus Magicicada, which hatches out every seventeen years.
Temperature responses of the periodical "17-year" cicada, Magicicada cassini (Homoptera, Cicadidae).
Marlatt (1907) reported six morphologically and behaviorally distinct species of periodical cicadas throughout the United States (17 y cicadas: Magicicada septendecim, M.
Periodical cicadas in particular, appropriately named Magicicada, spend either 13 or 17 years (depending on the species) feeding, before "magically" appearing above ground.
Hemiptera Cicadidae Magicicada Hemiptera Cicadidae Tibicen Hemiptera Cixiidae Bothriocera Hemiptera Cixiidae Oliarus Hemiptera Cixiidae Unident.