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Noun1.Maginot - French politician who proposed the Maginot Line (1877-1932)Maginot - French politician who proposed the Maginot Line (1877-1932)
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While the response was heartening, it was after all West Brom, not exactly the footballing equivalent of the Maginot Line.
Against those men buried underground With white stone above their head Lay beneath the earth quite dead They went to France in thirty-nine To aid the French on the Maginot Line They soon found out it didn't work It ended at the port of Dunkirk With our backs against the wall Still these islands didn't fall With our banners unfurled We fought for peace across the world We fought battles out at sea For the right to make men free And with such a terrible cost And for the many lives, we lost, Who can pay us for the cost Now because we'd like to be free They want to charge the largest fee To pay for their democracy And they who fought and gave their day Wonder why we gave these isles away.
The ill-fated Maginot Line was supposed to defend which country?
Just 17 days after the start of the war, he was a Flight Officer detailed with two other Fairey Battle pilots to patrol a section of the Maginot Line when they were jumped by a force of Me 109s.
I was also pleased to see mention of my dad's division and regiment, the 44th Division, 71st Regiment [which also operated against the Maginot Line around Bitche].
The Great Wall of China, the Maginot Line in France and Hadrian's Wall are were all designed to keep out undesirables.
martini A10 Visigoths; The 9 Cabin; Tom's Uncle 8 Rye; 7 xylophone; the to similar instrument percussive A6 Line; Maginot The 5 Omnivore; 4 Claret; 3 Cricket; 2 Sea; North The 1 ANSWERS:
The company equated the situation to France's Maginot Line during World War II, a complex system of fortifications designed to stop the German invasion that would ultimately proved futile.
The "Northern Border Security Project" will be Saudi Arabia's Maginot Line ( a line of concrete fortifications, obstacles and weapons installations that France constructed on the orders of Minister of War Andre Maginot just before the borders with Switzerland and Germany and Luxembourg during the run-up to World War II).
The Mullins/Walsh machine continues to treat the Home Guard with the same respect the Panzers gave to the Maginot Line.
As their faltering effort continues, it is becoming increasingly evident that their best route into the Champions League next season would be to win this year's, something that's not exactly easy when you have the worst defence since the Maginot Line.
The guys used to be called The Maginot Line, who I'd played at Tut's before.