Magnesian limestone

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Marsden Old Quarry, which has wildflower-rich magnesian limestone grassland, will also be used to create a new meadow under the Coronation Meadows Project which seeks to create at least one new meadow in every county in Britain.
The three-year project, which is a partnership of organisations including Hartlepool Council, aims to help promote and preserve the unique character of the Durham magnesian limestone plateau - an expanse of sedimentary rock formed 290 million years ago which stretches from almost the Tyne to the Tees and from the coast to central Durham.
To the north of the lighthouse is The Leas, a two-and-a-half mile stretch of magnesian limestone cliffs, wave-cut foreshore and coastal grassland.
Durham Wildlife Trust has taken over responsibility of Cross Gill grasslands on the Durham coast, which houses nine hectares of rich magnesian limestone.
It's made up of three sections of Magnesian Limestone grassland, cliffs, denes and stacks.
Stretching north from Souter lighthouse, The Leas is two and a half miles of magnesian limestone cliffs, wave-cut foreshore and coastal grassland.
North Tyneside Mayor Linda Arkley confirmed that additional investment in the planned improvements for the old magnesian limestone quarry will benefit wildlife and increase enjoyment for site users.
The sea led to the depositing of marl slate on top of the desert sand, with layers of magnesian limestone following, which has created the coastal scenery from Marsden to Seaham.
The coastal path, which runs for 11 miles, winds through areas of great natural, historical and geological interest with dramatic views along the coastline and out across the North Sea, an area rich in shallow bays and headlands with yellow Magnesian Limestone cliffs.
The magnesian limestone belt along the County Durham coast is the stronghold of the northern brown argus, which depends on the com mon rock rose which grows on the limestone soil.
While there are lots of aquifers in the North East, those that supply most of our drinking water are the magnesian limestone between Sunderland, Hartlepool and Darlington and the fell sandstone between Kielder, Wooler, Rothbury and Berwick.
Other North East sited which made the shortlists were: In the Human Habitation cat-|egory, Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland where it sits on top of the Whin Sill ridge in Northumberland The magnesian limestone |cliffs of South Shields and Marsden in the Historical and Scientific Importance category.