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A neutron star with a very strong magnetic field. Magnetars are the proposed sources of observed gamma-ray bursts.

[magnet(o)- + -ar (as in pulsar, quasar).]


(Celestial Objects) a type of neutron star that has a very intense magnetic field, over 1000 times greater than that of a pulsar
[C20: from magnet(ic) (st)ar, on the model of quasar]
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They hunted for runaway stars - objects escaping the cluster at high velocities - that might have been kicked out of orbit by the supernova explosion that formed the magnetar.
Like Becker, Magnetar said in its filing that it approved of the recent separation of the chairman and CEO positions, but the board "has not taken appropriate action on other matters.
executive managing director/principal, Colliers ABR, represented Magnetar Capital in the transaction.
One teaspoon of Magnetar weighs the same as the entire population of the planet.
That's what happened on August 27: A magnetar "starquake" spewed streams of intense radiation into space.
As it spins, the magnetar emits regular X-ray and radio pulses.
The new study finds that the supernovae are likely powered by the creation of a magnetar, an extraordinarily magnetized neutron star spinning hundreds of times per second.
PA) (OTC: CRARY) in France and Magnetar Capital over collateralised debt obligation (CDO), which has been alleged as defrauded, according to Bloomberg.
2 percent ownership interest in Magnetar MLP Investment, LP (Magnetar MLP) for net consideration of $9.
The SEC accused BofA of failing to disclose that hedge fund firm Magnetar Capital LLC had an equity stake in these two CDOs.
12 ( ANI ): Astronomers have discovered a new transient magnetar near supernova remnant SNR Kesteven 79.