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A neutron star with a very strong magnetic field. Magnetars are the proposed sources of observed gamma-ray bursts.

[magnet(o)- + -ar (as in pulsar, quasar).]


(Celestial Objects) a type of neutron star that has a very intense magnetic field, over 1000 times greater than that of a pulsar
[C20: from magnet(ic) (st)ar, on the model of quasar]
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Then again, known magnetars also produce powerful bursts of X-rays and gamma rays, which have not (yet) been observed in the case of FRB 121102.
It could also mean that the magnetar powering it had a slower spin that other magnetars.
A certain class of neutron stars, dubbed magnetars have magnetic fields so powerful that they would make our Earth bound magnets seem like kiddie toys.
Instead, magnetars are considered to be magnetically-powered NSs, which emit X-rays by consuming their magnetic energy given as
More likely sources are radio eruptions from various types of neutron stars, such as pulsars and magnetars.
If it really is a magnetar, it's as if nature took everything we know about magnetars and turned it up to 11," Stanek said.
supernovae, gamma-ray bursts (GRBs), magnetars, X-ray Binaries, Active
Washington, May 15 ( ANI ): Researchers have now solved the mystery regarding the formation of magnetars.
These kinematical fields are transferring in space not like a ripple on the river, but like the water itself in the stream (it is worth recalling that specific stars named magnetars have a magnetic field with the density of water).
Conference on Electromagnetic Radiation from Pulsars and Magnetars (2012: Zielona Gora, Poland) Ed.
Such a growth of the magnetic field also explains the phenomenon of magnetars [27, 28].