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Noun1.magnetic storage - any storage medium in which different patterns of magnetization are used to represent stored bits or bytes of informationmagnetic storage - any storage medium in which different patterns of magnetization are used to represent stored bits or bytes of information; "the hard disk in you computer is magnetic storage"
data-storage medium, storage medium - a medium for storing information
mémoire magnétique
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Contract award: supplies of computer and video magnetic media.
US hard disk drive producer Western Digital Corporation (NYSE:WDC) said Tuesday it has reached an agreement to acquire the magnetic media sputtering business of Japan-based Hoya Corporation (OTC:HOCPY) and its subsidiary Hoya Magnetics Singapore Pte Ltd for JPY22bn (USD235m/EUR178m) in cash.
in September 2007 at which WD manufactured its aluminum substrates for hard drive magnetic media.
Both technologies require high maintenance over the life of the archive, due to the nature of magnetic media.
Based on 30-plus years of experimental research on the topic, Visnovsky's (physics, Charles University, Prague) text is designed to be an accessible introduction for nonspecialists and newcomers to optics in anisotropic magnetic media while also serving as a reference for seasoned researchers.
These products have implemented Write Once functionality through a mix of software and/or firmware that emulates Write Once capabilities on rewritable magnetic media.
Law enforcement agencies that prefer electronic submissions but do not report via the NIBRS may use the hate crime record layout specified in the publication Hate Crime Magnetic Media Specifications for Tapes & Diskettes (January 1997).
Editorial covers all aspects of mediaware, from optical and magnetic media, including DVD and floppy disks, to memory cards, MP3 players, and DVRs.
SHORT-TERM MEMORY Information on hard drives or other magnetic media is stored in the form of bits representing Os and Is.
To achieve this, the noise in the magnetic media must be reduced continuously, which is accomplished by decreasing the size of the magnetic clusters--regions of the media that are magnetically coupled.
Magnetic Media, the Web development, software and digital marketing company formed ten years ago, has appointed a new managing director and moved into upgraded facilities near Meriden in the West Midlands.
As for floppy disks, Thompson says just breaking one won't do: "There are cases where a suspect has broken a diskette and cut the magnetic media inside the disk with pinking shears.