magnetic pickup

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magnet′ic pick′up

a phonograph pickup in which the vibrations of the stylus cause variations in or motions of a coil in a magnetic field that produces corresponding variations in an electrical voltage.
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Limited Tenders are invited for Supply Of Magnetic Pickup Sensor
These sensors use the orientation of a magnetic pickup to determine angle so that there is no mechanical wear, the company says.
Once the material hardens, the team can use the magnetic pickup tool to collect the mercury-bearing waste and place it in the storage container.
The governor measures engine speed with a magnetic pickup and compares it to the set-point speed provided by the transducer.
improved flashlight, magnetic pickup tool, inspection mirror, screwdrivers, and locking pliers
Tenders are invited for Emd Pt No: 8270133 Dlw Pt No:18360075 Plug 2 Pole Magnetic Pickup Manufacturer-Amphenol Pt No:Ms3106a-10Sl-4S Or Element 14 Code No:1339803 As Per Enclosed Drawing.
Variax is the first guitar to break the physical barriers to great tone by digitally modeling, in software, the specific characteristics of magnetic pickup types, tone circuits, different body resonances, string decay, and more," said Marcus Ryle, co-founder and vice president of product development, Line 6.
The MP-120 magnetic pickup is placed in close proximity to the six pitch gear teeth of the large flywheel shown in the center of Photo 1.
The receiver is a simple detector with a magnetic pickup coil for the pig locator and a more complex three-axis gradiometer for determining position, velocity, and direction of a free-moving object.