Magnetic fluid

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the hypothetical fluid whose existence was formerly assumed in the explanations of the phenomena of magnetism; - no longer considered a meaningful concept.

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The major components that comprise LBA are the following: magnetorheological fluid (MRF), shear thickening fluid, and electrorheological fluid.
2004) Linear Magnetorheological Fluid Dampers for Vibration Mitigation: Modelling, Control and Experimental Testing, Uczelniane Wydawnictwa Naukowo-Dydaktyczne AGH, ISSN 0867-6631, Krakow
China's Dong-ting Lake Bridge, a midsize cable-stayed bridge in northeast Hunan Province, was the first to employ a new kind of sophisticated damper incorporating a magnetorheological fluid.
Audi employs what is called magnetorheological fluid in its shock absorbers.
This company has patented a dry concentrate form of Rheonetic magnetorheological fluid.
The second effort is for a continuously variable transmission that employs SatCon's patent pending magnetorheological fluid technology for use with in-wheel motors used in hybrid electric vehicles.
Unlike in mechanically controlled cylinders described in section 2, in the latter case the resistance is controlled by changing the strength of applied electromagnetic field acting the magnetorheological fluid within the cylinder.
on the other hand, uses a glycol-based magnetorheological fluid that changes state from a liquid to a semi-solid in the presence of an electric current for its prototype engine mount design.
One type of smart damper contains a magnetorheological fluid, a material that can undergo considerable and almost immediate changes in its viscosity when subjected to a magnetic field.
Most of the power would be sent to the rear wheels under acceleration, and the dampers would use quick-response magnetorheological fluid.
18 /PRNewswire/ -- Lord Corporation, the world's leading commercial supplier of magnetorheological fluid technology, recently attained TS quality certification from the International Automotive Task Force (IATF), in conjunction with the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).