Magnetic fluid

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the hypothetical fluid whose existence was formerly assumed in the explanations of the phenomena of magnetism; - no longer considered a meaningful concept.

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Differently from a common cooling pump, the proposed device is characterized by the presence of an integrated magnetorheological fluid clutch that is constituted by the inner and outer disks and the coil.
Polishing characteristics of optical glass using PMMA-coated carbonyl-iron-based magnetorheological fluid, Smart Materials and Structures 24(6): https://doi.
Yield stress testing was conducted for CM-01 and CR-01 magnetic fluid using a narrow gap magnetorheological fluid rheology property test system, with the obtained curves shown in Fig.
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China's Dong-ting Lake Bridge, a midsize cable-stayed bridge in northeast Hunan Province, was the first to employ a new kind of sophisticated damper incorporating a magnetorheological fluid.
Audi employs what is called magnetorheological fluid in its shock absorbers.
This company has patented a dry concentrate form of Rheonetic magnetorheological fluid.
Magnetorheological fluid is only one approach to controlling the suspension via electronics that will be shown in Detroit.
The second effort is for a continuously variable transmission that employs SatCon's patent pending magnetorheological fluid technology for use with in-wheel motors used in hybrid electric vehicles.
To satisfy the different damping characteristic requirements of a drivetrain under different conditions, the magnetorheological fluid dual mass flywheel (MRF-DMF) [16, 17] with adjustable damping characteristics is designed and manufactured in this paper.
The major components that comprise LBA are the following: magnetorheological fluid (MRF), shear thickening fluid, and electrorheological fluid.