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Noun1.Magnoliophyta - comprising flowering plants that produce seeds enclosed in an ovaryMagnoliophyta - comprising flowering plants that produce seeds enclosed in an ovary; in some systems considered a class (Angiospermae) and in others a division (Magnoliophyta or Anthophyta)
class - (biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more orders
division Spermatophyta, Spermatophyta - seed plants; comprises the Angiospermae (or Magnoliophyta) and Gymnospermae (or Gymnospermophyta); in some classification systems Spermatophyta is coordinate with Pteridophyta (spore producing plants having vascular tissue and roots) and Bryophyta (spore producing plants lacking vascular tissue and roots)
angiosperm, flowering plant - plants having seeds in a closed ovary
class Dicotyledonae, class Dicotyledones, class Magnoliopsida, Dicotyledonae, Dicotyledones, Magnoliopsida - comprising seed plants that produce an embryo with paired cotyledons and net-veined leaves; divided into six (not always well distinguished) subclasses (or superorders): Magnoliidae and Hamamelidae (considered primitive); Caryophyllidae (an early and distinctive offshoot); and three more or less advanced groups: Dilleniidae; Rosidae; Asteridae
class Liliopsida, class Monocotyledonae, class Monocotyledones, Liliopsida, Monocotyledonae, Monocotyledones - comprising seed plants that produce an embryo with a single cotyledon and parallel-veined leaves: includes grasses and lilies and palms and orchids; divided into four subclasses or superorders: Alismatidae; Arecidae; Commelinidae; and Liliidae
angiospermous tree, flowering tree - any tree having seeds and ovules contained in the ovary
flowering shrub - shrub noted primarily for its flowers
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Las Magnoliophyta endemicas de la porcion xerofitica de la provincia floristica del Valle de Tehuacan-Cuicatlan, Mexico.
Grupo taxonomico Familias Generos Pteridophyta 2 3 Pinophyta 2 2 Magnoliophyta Magnolides 1 1 Monocotiledoneas 7 27 Eudicotiledoneas 55 230 Total 67 263 Grupo taxonomico Especies Taxa Hibridos infraespecificos Pteridophyta 8 1 1 Pinophyta 2 1 Magnoliophyta Magnolides 3 Monocotiledoneas 56 7 Eudicotiledoneas 602 143 2 Total 671 152 3 Cuadro 2: Familias con mayor numero de elementos endemicos y cuasi-endemicos del Desierto Chihuahuense.
The allopathic effects of phenolic compounds in seagrass are well known according to what was pointed out by Dumay, Costa, Desjobert, and Pergent (2004); as a matter of fact, polyphenols inhibit growth and germination of the Magnoliophyta (Harrison, 1982), and interfere in their physiological functions like antioxidants (Osawa Ramarathnam, Kawakishi, & Namiki, 1991) and enzymatic inhibitors (Van Sumere, 1989).
PA) belongs to the family: Phyllanthaceae (Division: Magnoliophyta, Class: Magnoliophyta, Order: Malpighiales).
En Magnoliophyta (Anexo 1), se registraron 142 especies distribuidas en 112 generos y 44 familias (Figura 2).
No sistema de classificacao de Cronquist (1981), o mangostanzeiro esta ordenado na seguinte sequencia hierarquica: Divisao Magnoliophyta, classe Magnoliopsida, Subclasse Dilleniidae, ordem Theales, Familia clusiaceae, Subfamilia clusioideae, Genero Garcinia, especie Garcinia mangostana L.
Sanskrit name Meaning Ugragandha Aggressive odor Shadgrandha Having multiple nodes Golomi Having hairs (as on a cow) Shatvarvika Having six nodes Lomasha Having hairs on nodes Aruna Reddish brown rhizomes Ikshuparni Leaves resembles sugarcane leaves Jatila Hairy rhizome Taxonomy (Seidemann, 2005) Kingdom: Plantae Subkingdom: Tracheobionta (Vascular plant) Superdivision: Spermatophyta (Seed plants) Division: Magnoliophyta (Flowering plants) Class: Liliopsida (Monocotyledons) Subclass: Arecidae Order: Arales Family: Acoraceae Genus: Acorus L.
andits taxonomic classification was presented as follow: phylum of Angiospermae, class of Equisetopsida, subclass of Magnoliophyta,, superorder of Asteranea, order of Lamiales, family of Orobanchaceae and the genus of Rhamphicarpa.
Kingdom Plantae Subkingdom Tracheobionta Superdivision Spermatophyta Division Magnoliophyta Class Magnoliopsida Subclass Hamamelididae Order Urticales Family Moraceae Genus Morus L.
Ojendiz Aley y Rodriguez Lopez (2011) registran para Acahuizotla 83 familias, 221 generos con 266 especies de Magnoliophyta (95,87%) y Pteridophyta (4,13%) en el BTC, BG y PI; las formas biologicas estan representadas por el estrato arboreo (25%), arbustivo (20%), herbaceo (40%), bejucos (14%) y epifitas (1%).
2003), por lo que han sido catalogadas como la familia de Magnoliophyta mas diversa y una de las mas cosmopolitas en el mundo.