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 (măg′yär′, mäg′-, mä′dyär′)
1. A member of the principal ethnic group of Hungary.
2. See Hungarian.


Mag′yar adj.


npl -yars
1. (Peoples) a member of the predominant ethnic group of Hungary, also found in NW Siberia
2. (Peoples) the Hungarian language
3. (Peoples) of or relating to the Magyars or their language
4. (Languages) of or relating to the Magyars or their language
5. (Knitting & Sewing) sewing of or relating to a style of sleeve cut in one piece with the bodice


(hʌŋˈgɛər i ən)

1. a native or inhabitant of Hungary.
a. a member of the ethnic group that comprises the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of Hungary, and a significant minority in Transylvania, Slovakia, and adjacent parts of Yugoslavia.
b. the Finno-Ugric language of this group.
3. of or pertaining to Hungary or its inhabitants.
4. of or pertaining to the Hungarians as an ethnic group, or to the language Hungarian.
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Noun1.Magyar - a native or inhabitant of HungaryMagyar - a native or inhabitant of Hungary  
Hungary, Magyarorszag, Republic of Hungary - a republic in central Europe
European - a native or inhabitant of Europe
2.Magyar - the official language of Hungary (also spoken in Rumania)Magyar - the official language of Hungary (also spoken in Rumania); belongs to the Ugric family of languages
Ugrian, Ugric - one of the two branches of the Finno-Ugric family of languages; spoken in Hungary and northwestern Siberia
Adj.1.Magyar - relating to or characteristic of HungaryMagyar - relating to or characteristic of Hungary; "Hungarian folk music"


A. ADJmagiar
B. Nmagiar mf


adjmadjarisch, magyarisch
nMadjar(in) m(f), → Magyar(in) m(f)
References in classic literature ?
They were peasants, Croat or Magyar, with broad, blunt visages and blinking eyes.
In the population of Transylvania there are four distinct nationalities: Saxons in the South, and mixed with them the Wallachs, who are the descendants of the Dacians; Magyars in the West, and Szekelys in the East and North.
In less than a century, from the early to the late 1800s, the ethnic allegiance of Buda and Pest dwellers underwent a process of radical rearrangement that favoured the Magyar side.
2004, Magyar frazeologiai egysegek osszehasonlito vizsgalata udmurt, illetve orosz frazeologiai egysegekkel (szomatikus elemek szerinti osztalyozas alapjan).
Contract notice: Providing operated by magyar posta pklk organization hybrid conversion system delivery and operation support (support) services.
Magyar Bancorp is the parent company of Magyar Bank, a community bank headquartered in New Brunswick, New Jersey serving families and businesses in Central New Jersey with a complete range of financial products and services.
Magyar Bancorp (NASDAQ: MGYR) has reported net income of USD309,000 for the three months ended December 31, 2015, compared to net income of USD182,000 for the three months ended December 31, 2014, the company said.
wrote SDSM deputy leader Radmila Sekerinska in a Facebook post reacting to the web portal Republika's article titled "Szendrei gives Sekerinska bill designed to Magyar Telekom's liking".
Hungarian state-run utility MVM Hungarian Electricity Ltd (MVM), also known as Magyar Villamos Muvek Zrt, said it had finalised the purchase of the local gas trading and storage units of Germanya[euro](tm)s E.
The National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) said that the applications by Magyar Telekom Nyrt.
According to Medgyessy, the network will bring locally produced Hungarian programming to Transylvania's Magyar minority, whose ancestors were Hungarian citizens when this large swath of mountainous terrain was part of Hungary before World War I in 1914.
Magyar Telekom , the leading Hungarian telecommunications service provider, hereby announces that it has reached an agreement with the trade unions on its proposed salary increase measures for Magyar Telekom Plc.