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n.1.(Hinduism) A celebrated sacred epic poem of the Hindus, written in Sanskrit. It is of great length, and is chiefly devoted to a history, in many episodes, of a civil war between two dynasties of ancient India.
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has learnt that he has moved on to a more ambitious literary venture: He will condense India's revered Mahabarata -- the world's longest mythological text -- into a Bollywood film.
In renovated wayang kulit the puppet designer is noted not only for adaptations from Hindu epics like The Mahabarata and Ramayana, but also for incorporating Indian animal fables from the Panchatantra, in which metaphors and philosophy about life are seen through animals such as the tiger, dinosaur, ant, frog, fish, turtle, and bird besides traditional characters such as gods and demons.
Na sua esteira, e buscando provavelmente sofisticar este genero literario, dando-lhe um lastro cultural mais solido, varios dos autores de autoajuda e seus comentadores apontam em textos fundadores da nossa experiencia tais como a Biblia, o Bhagavad-Gita, parte do epico hindu Mahabarata, ou o Tao Te Ching, a mais antiga reflexao sobre o taoismo, a origem do que chamam da etica da autoajuda.
The Concepts of Dharma and Rajdharma in Mahabarata and Manusmrit (Vedantic Views):
I found her fascinating because she was a very educated women in the Mahabarata.
Urdu-Parsi theatre, indigenous regional folk dramas, and oral storytelling traditions, particularly the two great national epics, Ramayana and Mahabarata, have been re-told, regionalized and re-mediated over the course of centuries.
Remember, the Bhagavad Gita was discussed at the opening of the Mahabarata War.
In preparation I read Indian folk tales, modern Indian poets and novelists, stories from the Mahabarata and Ramayana and other classic texts and poems.
I can still remember, along with all the accolades, cries of anguish from people subjected to Peter Brook's day-long Mahabarata.
In his review of The River at Wolf (1992) in Ploughshares, David Rivard wrote that her voice reminded him of "the Javanese shadow theatre, in which small, handheld puppets--sharply cut, at once simple and intricate--play out the epics of the Mahabarata projected against a large screen.
The list of religious texts that celebrate the role of human reason in the worshipping life would include of course, the Mahabarata, the Talmud, the Gospel of John, the Guide of the Perplexed, the Q'uran, the Summa Theologica and countless others.
The next chapter gives an extremely detailed account of the Mahabarata including its various additional episodes (Nalopakhyanam, etc.