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also ma·hi ma·hi  (mä′hē-mä′hē)
n. pl. ma·hi-ma·his
2. The flesh of a dolphinfish when used for food.

[Hawaiian mahimahi.]


(Animals) another name for dolphin3
[C20: from Hawaiian, literally: strong-strong]
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Joined with scallion-black pepper mashed potato, broccoli and pineapple salsa accompaniments, the pork chop plate made up for a disastrous, dry, overcooked mahi mahi ($22.
The cornerstone of Rubio's success is its seafood products that include lobster, shrimp and grilled mahi mahi.
Try the roasted macadamia nut mahi mahi served in lobster cognac butter sauce.
For those who prefer seafood, fresh fish is offered daily including Mahi Mahi, Grouper, Salmon and Tilapia.
1 -- 2) Eran Ben Aruch, chef and owner of Cafe Bezel in Encino, shows off some dishes including mahi mahi with whipped potato, baby bok choy and lemon grass ginger sauce, above.
The restaurant offers many signature items such as "Bucket of Boat Trash," comprised of deep fried tender shrimp, lobster and mahi mahi, our Cajun spiced mahi mahi with bourbon sauce and shrimp served over mashed potatoes, and the more traditional Southern Fried Shrimp.
Leanest of the offerings are the Fresh Mahi Mahi Ensalada ($5.
95) at Bollywood and you receive the right stuff, chunks of tender mahi mahi swimming in a reddish brown curry of fearsome fieriness, studded with semi-pacifying cubes of potato and spiked with drops of tart lemon juice.
Additionally, the company has expanded its menu to include a full range of Baja-inspired items including Rubio's distinctive marinated, chargrilled chicken and carne asada burritos, tacos, quesadillas and nachos in addition to their signature lobster, shrimp and grilled mahi mahi items.
The lodge's restaurant is simple and inviting, with views of the lake, and offers such clever dishes as ``triple fins'' - small grilled filets of salmon, black sesame mahi mahi and orange zest halibut ($17.
and perfectly seared ahi tuna and mahi mahi, winning over hundreds of the beautiful people that made Astra West the place to be.
Rubio's has a long-standing reputation for distinctive seafood offerings featuring lobster, shrimp and grilled mahi mahi -- all served in a relaxed, warm and inviting atmosphere reminiscent of Baja.