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 (mə-hē-lou′, mä-hē-lyou′) or Mo·gi·lev (mŏg′ə-lĕf′, mə-gĭ-lyôf′)
A city of east-central Belarus on the Dnieper River east of Minsk. Founded around a castle built in 1267, the city eventually passed to Russia in 1772.
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The active participation of representatives of public associations (youth, children, disabled people and other social groups including 7 districts of Mahileu oblast) in the dissemination of the sustainable development goals.
Very generally, the term sery is dominant in the dialects south of Minsk and part of the central dialects from Mahileu down to Homel', where sery dominates the central and northern dialects (see Mayo 1983:943 for a summary of Belarusian dialects).
Organized 5 kick-off round-tables in Mahileu, Homel, Viciabsk, Brest and Hrodna