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 (mä′lər), Gustav 1860-1911.
Austrian composer and conductor of the Vienna State Opera House (1897-1907) whose completed works, most notably Das Lied von der Erde (1908) and Symphony Number 9 (1909), are unrestricted by conventional musical forms.


(Biography) Gustav (ˈɡʊstaf). 1860–1911, Austrian composer and conductor, whose music links the romantic tradition of the 19th century with the music of the 20th century. His works include nine complete symphonies for large orchestras, the symphonic song cycle Das Lied von der Erde (1908), and the song cycle Kindertotenlieder (1902)


(ˈmɑ lər)

Gustav, 1860–1911, Austrian composer.
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Noun1.Mahler - Austrian composer and conductor (1860-1911)Mahler - Austrian composer and conductor (1860-1911)
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