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prop. n.1.See Mohammedanism.
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In "The Prophet Vindicated: A Restoration Treatise on Islam and Muhammad," Bosworth recounts the life of Henry Stubbe (1632-76) and the composition and fate of his book, An Account of the Rise and Progress of Mahometanism, with the Life of Mahomet and a Vindication of Him and His Religion from the Calumnies of the Christians.
Despite what Christians did, the Muslims abided by their religious instructions: "All the Attempts of the Christians to extirpate Mahometanism have not set them upon repealing this Toleration" which is enjoined in "several Passages in the Alcoran, the Substance whereof is, That every one, whether Christian, or Jew, who worships God, and leads a good Life, will certainly be blessed by God" (Complete History 267), Muslims gloried "that whereas all other Nations oppress their Subjects on account of religious Differences, they allow of an universal Toleration" (Complete History 170).
Otherwise, the Bible loses its privileged authority in relation to paganism, Judaism, and Mahometanism.