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 (mā′ə, mī′ə)
1. Greek Mythology A goddess, the eldest of the Pleiades.
2. The brightest star in the Pleiades.

[Latin Māia, from Greek Maia, from maia, good mother, nurse; see mā- in Indo-European roots.]


(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth the eldest of the seven Pleiades, mother by Zeus of Hermes
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Noun1.Maia - type genus of the MajidaeMaia - type genus of the Majidae; nearly cosmopolitan in distribution
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
family Majidae, Majidae - spider crabs
European spider crab, Maja squinado, king crab - a large spider crab of Europe
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whose stars are these: -- `Lovely Teygata, and dark-faced Electra, and Alcyone, and bright Asterope, and Celaeno, and Maia, and Merope, whom glorious Atlas begot.
And as that abstract condition of Maia, to the kind and quantity of concrete literary production we hold to have been originally possible for him; so was the religion he actually attained, to what might have been the development of his profoundly religious spirit, had he been able to see that the old-fashioned Christianity is itself but the proper historic development of the true "essence" of the New Testament.
He made seven portions; one of these he set apart for Mercury the son of Maia and the nymphs, praying to them as he did so; the others he dealt out to the men man by man.
Maia told the Irish Sunday Mirror: "The judges told me I did my best performance but then they gave me the same score.
BoyleSports spokeswoman Aoife Heffron said: "With the first elimination looming it seems that one of the ladies will be bidding farewell on Sunday as both Maia Dunphy and Norah Casey head the betting at 11/4 and are seeing equal support from punters.
And Sport Studies student Maia, who is enjoying a rich vein of form both on the singles and doubles circuit, added: "It's been an amazing few days with unforgettable experiences on and off the court.
Maias third-person-limited point of view allows readers to join her in her insecurities about the world in which she lives.
Loftus Dolphin Maia made the breakthrough at the British Championships in Sheffield when she took the Gold medal.
com/shadowhunters/season-2-episode-16-day-of-atonement-promo/) teaser released by Freeform for episode 16, Simon is still very much concerned about Clary, but Maia will convince him to not think about her for the moment.
Maia delivered a message on economic and trade agreements from Brazil President Michel Temer, whose family is of Lebanese origin.
E sabi ni Maia ako na ang bahala tapos e nagmamdali din ako, so sabi n'ya po s'ya na ang bahala, Wong said.