Solomon's seal

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Sol·o·mon's seal

1. A six-pointed star or hexagram supposed to possess mystical powers.
2. Any of several woodland plants of the genus Polygonatum, having paired greenish-yellow tubular flowers hanging from the leaf axils.

Solomon's seal

1. (Judaism) another name for Star of David
2. (Plants) any of several liliaceous plants of the genus Polygonatum of N temperate regions, having greenish or yellow paired flowers, long narrow waxy leaves, and a thick underground stem with prominent leaf scars
[C16: translation of Medieval Latin sigillum Solomonis, perhaps referring to the resemblance of the leaf scars to seals]

Sol′omon's seal′

a talismanic symbol in the form of an interlaced outline of either a five-pointed or six-pointed star.


any plant of the genus Polygonatum, of the lily family, having a thick rootstock bearing seallike scars, greenish yellow flowers, and red or blue berries.
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Noun1.Solomon's seal - a six-pointed star formed from two equilateral trianglesSolomon's seal - a six-pointed star formed from two equilateral triangles; an emblem symbolizing Judaism
allegory, emblem - a visible symbol representing an abstract idea
hexagram - a regular polygon formed by extending each of the sides of a regular hexagon to form two equilateral triangles
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This statistical interaction has been found both for spring perennial herb abundance and Maianthemum racemosum L.