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(Russian majˈkɔp)
(Placename) a city in SW Russia, capital of the Adygei Republic: extensive oilfields to the southwest; mineral springs. Pop: 165 000 (2005 est)



a city in the SW Russian Federation in Europe, SE of Krasnodar. 149,000.
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Electronic auction: conducting laboratory and production control and laboratory diagnostic studies for the central bank of the republic of armenia "cbr of maikop district"
Reds and Whites alternately seize Maikop as if they are taking turns, every shift in control bringing more shooting, more death, and the need for vigilance on the part of residents.
In 2007, the exhibition was attended by more than 70 enterprises of Sverdlovsk, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, Magnitogorsk, and Maikop regions.
Agnessa, a largely apolitical part-Greek, part-Russian, part-Yakut woman born in 1902 in Maikop, in southern Russia, falls in love with a Jewish man from Odessa.
74) At a conference in Maikop on June 30 2012, the Adygean leadership was harshly criticized by Circassian activists for inaction in regard to facilitating the Syrian Circassians' repatriation.
The funds will be allocated to building 15 movie theatres in cities, including Maikop, Astrakhan, and Elektrostal, according to Dmitriyev.
This catalogue, edited by the former head of archaeology and ancient art department at the Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow, brings together the over 300 objects from the Maikop Treasure, ranging in date from the Bronze Age to the medieval period.
These ships included Igarka, Arktikii, Mikoyan, Maxim Gorkii, Uelen, Perekop, Maikop, V.
Casi todas las industrias de esa pequena republica autonoma de Rusia se ubican en su capital Maikop --entre ellas la construccion de maquinas para la extraccion de petroleo y refinerias, asi como la fabricacion de equipo medico, electronico y domestico.
The oilfields in Kuban province south of the Caucasus, the first of which was discovered at Maikop in 1910, were also highly developed.
Purposely permitted by the Chechens to penetrate to the center of the city, the Russian Maikop Brigade was first surrounded and then destroyed.