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(Russian majˈkɔp)
(Placename) a city in SW Russia, capital of the Adygei Republic: extensive oilfields to the southwest; mineral springs. Pop: 165 000 (2005 est)



a city in the SW Russian Federation in Europe, SE of Krasnodar. 149,000.
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Open Competition: Development Of The Working Documentation For The Device Sidewalks On The Subject: The Road Maikop - Tuapse, Km 106 + 298 - Km 106 + 425, Km 106 + 935 - Km 107 + 055, Km 107 + 055 - Km 110 + 010 Tuapse Region.
In 2007, the exhibition was attended by more than 70 enterprises of Sverdlovsk, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, Magnitogorsk, and Maikop regions.
In contrast to previous research (Skripnikova 2007: 40), very few type I terraces could be associated with 13 hitherto discovered Maikop culture settlements (Figure 5).
74) At a conference in Maikop on June 30 2012, the Adygean leadership was harshly criticized by Circassian activists for inaction in regard to facilitating the Syrian Circassians' repatriation.
The field is currently on production with cumulative production of 17 billion cubic feet of natural gas from a single platform in the Western portion of the structure producing from the shallow sediments of the Tortonian and middle Maikop formations.
This catalogue, edited by the former head of archaeology and ancient art department at the Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow, brings together the over 300 objects from the Maikop Treasure, ranging in date from the Bronze Age to the medieval period.
These ships included Igarka, Arktikii, Mikoyan, Maxim Gorkii, Uelen, Perekop, Maikop, V.
Purposely permitted by the Chechens to penetrate to the center of the city, the Russian Maikop Brigade was first surrounded and then destroyed.
The report presents an account of top poultry meat producers, including: Petelinskiy Poultry Processing Plant, Severnaya Poultry Farm, Chelni-Broiler, Uralbroiler, Kurinoe Tsarstvo, Ravis - Sosnovskaya Poultry Farm, Maikop Poultry Farm, Sibirskaya Poultry Farm, Orenburg Broiler, Kalitva Meat Processing Plant, Poultry Farm, Elinar-Broiler Russian-American Poultry Farm, Liskinskaya Investment and Construction Company Broiler, Kaluga Poultry Farm, Reftinskaya Poultry Farm, Poultry Processing Plant - Kurinoe Tsarstvo, Agrocomplex, Perm Poultry Farm, Tyumen Broiler and others.
Open Competition: Working For The State Registration Of The Right Of Permanent (Perpetual) Use Of Land For The Right Of Way Of The Road Federal Public A-159 Access Road From Maikop To The Caucasus State Biosphere Reserve 8+ Km 000- Km 85 +150
As for the broader cultural-chronological picture of Eurasian steppes, the Aeneolithic complexes in the Trans-Urals roughly correspond to the late Tripolye culture, and the Sredni Stog, Maikop and Afanasievo cultures.
He suggests that the Maikop culture of the Caucasus region, which is known to have been contemporary with the middle and late Uruk periods of southern Mesopotamia (p.