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(Plants) a Hawaiian flowering vine


(ˈmaɪ leɪ, -li, ˈmɑ iˌleɪ)

a vine, Alyxia olivaeformis, of Hawaii, with small yellowish flowers.
[1905–10; < Hawaiian]
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At once on th' Eastern cliff of Paradise He lights, and to his proper shape returns A Seraph wingd; six wings he wore, to shade His lineaments Divine; the pair that clad Each shoulder broad, came mantling o're his brest With regal Ornament; the middle pair Girt like a Starrie Zone his waste, and round Skirted his loines and thighes with downie Gold And colours dipt in Heav'n; the third his feet Shaddowd from either heele with featherd maile Skie-tinctur'd grain.
He will report to Maile Carnegie, group executive, Digital Banking.
I wanted to make (the necklace) represent the moon and the sun, but not exactly," said Maile Urbancic, 38, founder and owner of Boutique Academia.
Maile Meloy specializes in writing short fiction about privileged but emotionally fragile characters who are self-aware to an almost destructive degree, and who can be startled by their own dark thoughts.
Mohan Thapa Magar, Tek Rasaili, Maile Tamang and Roshika Tamang performed the Salaiju dance.
Paul Maile heads the team at Eversheds LLP, which regularly advises on planning aspects of renewables projects, and has a strong base of housebuilder clients.
Manila Horse Power, chair Joey Uy Jamisola, Maile Atienza, Equine International Air Freight, and All Creatures Great and Small veterinary supply.
Le Labo was the first, followed by Rodin Oho Lusso and then Editions de Parfums Frederic MaIle.
Muirhead still looked odds-on to win at the first extra end but came up short with her final delivery to hand Maile Moelder her first victory of the week after five straight defeats.
World-renowned and award-winning actress Cate Blanchett was included in the list in 12th place followed by managing director of Google Australia and New Zealand Maile Carnegie in 13th place.
Mrs Valerie Maile, Ipswick, Suffolk Zena says: A manual carpet shampooer?
He was "Papa" to Noah, Maile, Malia and most recently Alyssa and Samantha Tyler.