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Noun1.maja squinado - a large spider crab of EuropeMaja squinado - a large spider crab of Europe  
spider crab - any of numerous crabs with very long legs and small triangular bodies
genus Maia, genus Maja, Maia, Maja - type genus of the Majidae; nearly cosmopolitan in distribution
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ABSTRACT The effect of temperature and salinity on the larval development of the common spider crab Maja brachydactyla (Balss, 1922) were studied in the laboratory.
KEY WORDS: Maja brachydactyla, Brachyura, growth, larval development, salinity, temperature
The common spider crab Maja brachydactyla (Balss, 1922) is a brachyuran widely distributed in the eastern Atlantic, from the southern British Isles to the western Sahara (including Azores and Canary Islands), and southwestern Mediterranean (Abello et al.
In the Galician coast (NW Iberian Peninsula), the larval release and recruitment of Maja brachydactyla occur in near-shore waters (Corgos et al.
The larvae of Maja brachydactyla develop in coastal waters where freshwater flux, evaporation, and thermal radiance create dynamic changes in temperature and salinity, all of which can cause multiple stressor effects; such effects are also of importance for the optimization of techniques in aquaculture.
KEY WORDS: Spider crab, Maja brachydactyla, small scale, spatial distribution, aggregation, population, spatial structure
Assessment of methods to estimate abundance and population structure of the spider crab Maja brachydactyla in soft substrates.
Genetic identification of the northeastern atlantic spiny spider crab, Maja brachydactyla Balss, 1922.
ABSTRACT Timing and synchronization at individual and population levels of the processes related to the terminal molt, gonad maturation, accumulation of energy reserves and migration in the spider crab Maja brachydactyla are analyzed.
KEY WORDS: decapod, Maja brachydactyla, mating, mating strategies, migration, reproductive migration
Juveniles of Maja brachydactyla (Balss 1922, see Neumann 1998 for taxonomic status, corresponding to the North Atlantic species previously known as M.
In the inner area of the ria, where there is high abundance of Maja brachydactyla, sampling was carried out along a transect on the longitudinal axis of the ria where seven tows were carried out deploying the traps parallel to the coast.