Major offense

(Law) an offense of a greater degree which contains a lesser offense, as murder and robbery include assault.

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In the UK this is not a major offense but in the UAE it is of course taken very seriously and Mr Mukadam was arrested.
The former apparently took major offense to the latter's comment that her daughter is "racist" and even hired a legal counsel to sue the reality star.
The fact that the government was preparing a major offense was evident when Prime Minister Modi was given several detail briefs in the war room over various options that were available to punish the perpetrators of the Uri attack.
But all these tweakings of our language of measurement and weather are minor They too, are a nod to the secular, a bow to the chronological with its major offense to the kairotic.
Speaking about the demolition of the Vahdettin Mansion's onion dome, YylmaztE-rk said getting rid of this characteristic of the building, which was considered a historical asset, in the name of renovation is a major offense.
He had determined that the team, which had very little practice time before the Cup finals, couldn't mount a major offense against the teams it faced.
Pakistan launched a major offense after Uzbek fighters were involved in the all-night siege of Karachi airport that killed more than 30.
Michael Kaufman, managing partner at Kaufman Dolowich Voluck and Gonzo, which has a specialty in employment law on behalf of companies, agrees that barring some major offense, chief executives should be given the same opportunities as every other employee in America, the report said.
In 2007, Lane County had the second lowest rate of sworn officers per population, and the highest ratio of major offense to officer.
They argued that violating the sanctity of the vote is a major offense and should be dealt with in a serious manner.
Instances abound of atrocities committed against civilians, even against those whose major offense was weakness and availability instead of ethnic or racial differences.
Opening plunges motherless young Taraneh (played with wide-eyed charm by newcomer Taraneh Alidoosti) into visiting hours at a Tehran prison, where her father (Hossein Mahjub) is serving time for an unspecified crime; judging by his mildness and the love he bears his daughter, it can't be a major offense.