great power

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Great Power

(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a nation that has exceptional political influence, resources, and military strength

Great′ Pow′er

(sometimes l.c.) a nation that has exceptional military and economic strength, and consequently plays a major, often decisive, role in international affairs.
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Noun1.Great Power - a state powerful enough to influence events throughout the worldgreat power - a state powerful enough to influence events throughout the world
body politic, country, nation, res publica, commonwealth, state, land - a politically organized body of people under a single government; "the state has elected a new president"; "African nations"; "students who had come to the nation's capitol"; "the country's largest manufacturer"; "an industrialized land"
hegemon - a leading or paramount power
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The major finding of the book is that despite the presence of major powers in Nepal; geography will determine its relations with the neighboring countries.
Although more than 120 states have joined the ICC, major powers like the United States have decided to remain outside the court, thereby limiting those states' ability to influence it.
The European Union and Iran will hold a meeting in Geneva on 9 -10 January 2014 to discuss executing an interim nuclear deal between Tehran and major powers.
Domestically, however, the main theme is that Iran is recognized as important by the large powers; the nuclear talks in which six of the major powers sit down across the table from Iran is a key element of that portrayal.
Major powers and the quest for status in international politics.
The offer, conveyed to Davutoglu on Sunday, could bode well for an expected resumption of talks in September between Iran and major powers on the Islamic Republic's atomic program, which Tehran says is for peaceful purposes and not for bombs.
S and Iranian delegations held a private bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the talks between the six major powers and Iran, caught my attention.
Summary: The number of potential nuclear weapons states could more than double in the next few years unless major powers take radical steps towards disarmament, the head of the UN's nuclear watchdog was
Summary: The clock is ticking for Iran to respond to an offer by major powers on its nuclear program, but European diplomats say they are ready to wait a few more days beyond Saturday's informal deadline for an answer.
WHY are the world's major powers sitting on their hands when it comes to Zimbabwe?
We are told by scholars and Indian policymakers that India is knocking on the door of the exclusive club of states that comprise the major powers (US, PRC, Russia, UK, France).
Perhaps the single most recurrent justification that leaders of major powers have evoked for risking wars evolved from their belief that their credibility, which allegedly created fear among potential enemies and thereby constrained their actions, depended on their readiness to use force even when the short-term rationality for violence was very much in doubt," he writes.