Major third

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A report recently issued by the Ministry of Finance said, that the works on the projects within Saudi major third expansion of the Grand Mosque include the main components of the major expansion of the Grand Mosque building, and expansion of Safa and Marwa track, which opened earlier, and expanded eventually outside squares, bridges, terracing, complex buildings of central services, tunnel services, security buildings, the hospital, pedestrian tunnels, transit stations and bridges leading to the Mosque, the first ring road surrounding the Grand Mosque and infrastructure area, including power plants and water tanks and water drainage, indicating that the area of construction totaled 1,470,000 square meters.
The X-Y-X system came out of the so called French sixth chord which is two major thirds separated by a whole step and its inversion two major seconds separated by a major third.
Agency broker and technology provider ITG's Hedge Pro pairs trading algorithm has been rolled out via the firm's execution management system, Triton, with availability on major third party front-end systems expected to follow shortly.
The story begins with the science of acoustics, based on mathematical ratios of pitch frequencies discovered by Pythagoras, 1:1 unison, 2:1 octave, 3:2 fifth, 4:3 fourth, 5:4 major third and so on.
The Bluebirds aim to cause a major third round upset by dumping the Premiership team out of the competition at Ninian Park.
SIMON JONES was first amongst equals yesterday as he snared three crucial wickets to give England a major third Test advantage.
During this first movement, which lasts about 200,000 years, the interval between the two deepest and loudest notes changes from an upbeat major third to a more melancholy minor third, exhibiting one of the prototypical mood shifts in classical music.
Hauliers across the UK have clubbed together to form a national distribution network that aims to compete with major third party logistics operators by pooling the resources of 28 regional firms.
It supports UNIX and Windows NT platforms, integrates with all major third party storage providers, and works in traditional client/server or SAN environments.
A massive Times-Mirror poll just before the election found 53 percent of the people in favor of a new, major third party.
None of those major Third World debtors, in fact, has a burden that is more than 3 percent of its national income.