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The capital of the Marshall Islands, an atoll of the southern Ratak Chain.
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Food surveys on outer islands indicate that more than 80 percent of households rely on local protein sources, which is much higher than in Majuro (22 percent).
Asia Pacific currently operates three B727-200(F) freighters operating from Guam via Majuro to Honolulu.
As those who remember that terrifying day and younger generations gather in the Marshall Islands' capital of Majuro to commemorate the anniversary, many exiles refuse to go back to the zones that were contaminated, despite US safety assurances.
He is set to fly home from Majuro in the Marshall Islands on Friday and has been to the barber to tidy up for the big day.
As Mexican sailor Jose returned to civilisation in Majuro, the capital of the Marshall Islands, he said: "I'm alive and I can't believe it.
MAJURO (TAP) - Jose Salvador Alvarenga, a castaway, who says he spent more than a year adrift in the Pacific, has asked to be taken home, after washing ashore in the Marshall Islands.
Her gravestone in Majuro quotes a Marshallese proverb: "Don't be afraid to make your way through strong ocean currents to get to the next island.
He was in Australia to drum up support for the Majuro Declaration on climate change that his government will be launching at the Pacific Islands forum this year.
The Republic of Marshall Islands, a country of 29 atolls and five islands in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, including the capital Majuro, is the host of the 44th Pacific Islands Forum, under the theme, "Marshalling the Pacific Response to the Climate Challenge.
Speaking at the annual Pacific Islands Forum on Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands President Christopher Loeak said the issue will be reflected in the final communique of the 44th Pacific Islands Forum that ends Friday, saying he might also raise the matter with U.
MAJURO, Marshall Islands - Japan vowed Friday to continue helping Pacific island nations address climate change and other challenges such as disasters as it expressed appreciation for a declaration issued here by countries comprising the Pacific Islands Forum.
MAJURO, Marshall Islands, Dhu-AlQa'dah 3, 1434, Sep 9, 2013, SPA -- U.