Makaira nigricans

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Noun1.Makaira nigricans - largest marlinMakaira nigricans - largest marlin; may reach 2000 pounds; found worldwide in warm seas
marlin - large long-jawed oceanic sport fishes; related to sailfishes and spearfishes; not completely cold-blooded i.e. able to warm their brains and eyes
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Blue marlin, Makaira nigricans, movements in the western north Atlantic Ocean: results of a cooperative game fish tagging program, 1954-88.
Distribution of total and organic mercury in 7 tissues of Pacific blue marlin, Makaira nigricans.
A nearly complete fossil skull, including the rostrum, of blue marlin, Makaira nigricans Lacepede, 1802 (Perciformes: Xiphioidei: Istiophoridae), was collected from the Oso Member (latest Miocene) of the Capistrano Formation, Mission Viejo, Orange County, California.
domestic data collection areas within the western North Atlantic basin, were investigated with mark-recapture data from 769 blue marlin, Makaira nigricans, 961 white marlin, Tetrapturus albidus, and 1,801 sailfish, Istiophorus platypterus.
A large fossil skull and several rostra of Makaira nigricans Lacepede, 1802 (Perciformes: Istiophoridae), as well as some less diagnostic istiophorid remains, have been recovered from the middle facies of the Trinidad Formation near Rancho Algodones, San Jose del Cabo Basin, Baja California Sur, Mexico.
In the summer, the density of dolphinfish near the main Hawaiian Islands is low, perhaps because they migrate offshore to avoid their main predator, the blue marlin, Makaira nigricans, which increase in numbers in nearshore waters to reproduce (Hopper, 1990).
Evidence of blue marlin, Makaira nigricans, spawning in the vicinity of Exuma Sound, Bahamas.
sailfish, Istiophorus albicans (Jolley and Irby, 1979); blue marlin, Makaira nigricans (Holland et al.
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Unidentified tuna Xiphiidae, Swordfishes 144 Xiphias gladius Swordfish Istiophoridae, Billfishes 145 Istiophorus platypterus Sailfish 146 Makaira nigricans Blue marlin 147 N.
Surface mucous and autologous skeletal muscle samples were collected from three individuals from each of the following species: Makaira nigricans (blue marlin), Tetrapturus albidus (white marlin), Istiophorus platypterus (sailfish), and Xiphias gladius (swordfish).
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