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or Ma·ka·sar  (mə-kăs′ər)
A city of central Indonesia on southwest Sulawesi Island. Settled by the Portuguese in 1512 at the invitation of the local ruler, it fell to the Dutch in the 1600s. From 1971 to 1999, it was known as Ujung Pandang.


(məˈkæsə; -ˈkɑː-) ,




(Placename) a port in central Indonesia, on SW Sulawesi: an important native port before Portuguese (16th century) and Dutch (17th century) control; capital of the Dutch East Indies (1946–49); a major Indonesian distribution and transshipment port. Pop: 1 100 019 (2000). Former name (1971–99): Ujung Pandang
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Brigadier Asiri said that the situation in Aden is improving day after day adding that operations were confined to Mualla area and Khor Makasar in which the militias are entrenched in a defensive position, and noting that the People's Committees are now searching for weapons and ammunition sites inside houses and among them.
and took place mostly in the Adeni districts of Khour Makasar, Al-Mu'ala and Crater City.
AP I operates 13 airports in eastern Indonesia including Juanda in Surabaya, Hasanudin in Makasar, Frans Kasiepo in Biak.
Halimi (1998) explained that: "Their (Chulian traders) dominance in this trade was not only visible in Kedah but also in nearly all the main ports of the Nusantara such as Aceh, Johore, Banten, Japara and Makasar.
SIMS is a broadband service provider presently operating five subsidiary service providers that include Jogja Medianet, Bali Medianet, Kebumen Medianet, Magelang Medianet, Jakarta Medianet, Solok Medianet and Makasar Medianet each serving specific geographic regions of Indonesia.
Our respondents in Makasar complained that after the government's
Similar protests with smaller numbers of participants were staged in other major cities, including Surabaya, Makasar and Yogyakarta, local television Metro TV reported.
The shop, called Makasar, promises to be a fusion of extremely modern design and traditional tea culture, where customers are attracted and intrigued by the setting but comfortable enough to ask for information and advice in choosing the tea to suit their taste.
By upgrading to Acumatica, LAI was able to replace several different accounting systems and integrate operations across many branch locations including Jakarta, Medan, Makasar, Menado, and Jayapura.
It plans to open new counter booths in Pekan Baru and Makasar.
Meanwhile, he handed over an invitation to Dr Al-Turki to participate in the 32rd conference for the society of 'Nahdat al-Ulema' in Indonesia, due to be held on March 22, 2010, in Makasar city, and reiterated the keenness of the Islamic institutions in Indonesia on cooperating with the MWL.
To implement the monitoring in Indonesia, Indonesian NGOs decided to set up seven Focal Point Groups (FPGs) in seven major cities: Jambi, Jakarta, Jogjakarta, Surabaya, Madura, East Nusa Tenggara and Makasar to monitor progress on RHR.