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n.1.(Mus.) A treble singer.
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The production further benefitted from one of the uniformly strongest casts Opera Atelier has thus far assembled, headed by the almost too robust-sounding Titus of Croatian tenor Kresimir Spicer, the ferociously tigerish Vitellia of Canadian soprano Measha Brueggergosman and the mellifluous Sesto of that remarkable male soprano Michael Maniacci.
I personally am going with Danny Boy, sung by a 10-year-old male soprano.
This combined with the work requiring male soprano and countertenor skills meant we had plenty of Royal Opera debuts.
The most promising members include a trainee diva who refuses to share the spotlight, and a nerdy male soprano.
TOMORROW: Dave Robson DAVE ROBSON That poor male soprano who single handedly did his own duet must have wanted that ridiculous cape to fall down and take him away when she beat him.
So far, the line-up is expected to include: Birmingham's 11-year-old dancer Aidan Davis; Welsh male soprano Greg Pritchard; Oxford's Jackie Prescott and Tippy Toes the 'doggie dancer'; London comedy dance trio Dreambears; and 10-year-old singer/ballerina Hollie Steel from Accrington.
THROUGH to the Britain's Got Talent live shows are tragic crooner Jamie Pugh who lost his wife to a brain tumour, singing sensation Shaheen and high-pitched male soprano Greg Pritchard.
GREG PRITCHARD AGE: 24 FROM: Usk, South Wales JOB: Hotel waiter TALENT: Male soprano still worried he sounds like a woman SIMON SAID: That shouldn't have happened.
Male soprano Greg - who wowed judges with his glass-shattering voice - was due to begin at the prestigious Italia Conti Academy last September.
The first of these is comprised of 13 short articles covering a veritable smorgasbord of disparate topics such as operatic orchestral music, the singing voice, the castrato or male soprano, the operatic claque, concert pitch, elements of music, ballet, the construction of opera houses and scenery, and persons connected with opera.
The cultural-historical motivations for castration during the centuries are quite diverse and the need for a male soprano or alto is but one of the reasons.
Teacher Will (Matthew Morrison) tries to turn the school's lacklustre Glee club into an awardwinning vocal ensemble, but talent is in very short supply - most promising members include a diva who refuses to share the spotlight, and a nerdy male soprano.