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a.1.Doing evil, harm, or mischief.
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Unfortunately, as scrumptious as her creations seem - they include a tiger cub, a meerkat and a talking bust of Disney's Maleficient - they are rarely eaten.
Supreme champion with judge Mr Stewart Franklin of the Sarum Stud was Ceri Fell's black section C colt foal Brynseion Lord Mayday, a full-brother to the yearling filly Brynseion Lady Maleficient with which Mrs Fell won her class from 21 entries at Lampeter earlier this year.
Brad and Angelina - in the capital while she films new movie Maleficient - have roped in many of their A-list chums for the July 25 extravaganza.
Although Levin offers insight into early modern ideas about the maleficient potential of certain dreams ("Just as religious texts warned of the dangers of demons invading dreams, so too was it strongly believed that witches could both communicate with the devil through dreams and cast spells that caused their victims to have dreadful nightmares" [63]), she does not sufficiently underline Renaissance anxieties about dream interpretation.