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 (măl′mō, mäl′mœ)
A city of southern Sweden on the Oresund opposite Copenhagen. An important trade and shipping center during the Hanseatic period, it passed from Denmark to Sweden in 1658.


(ˈmælməʊ; Swedish ˈmalmøː)
(Placename) a port in S Sweden, on the Sound: part of Denmark until 1658; industrial centre. Pop: 268 971 (2004 est)


(ˈmæl moʊ, ˈmɑl mœ)

a seaport in S Sweden, on Øresund opposite Copenhagen, Denmark. 245,699.
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Noun1.Malmo - a port in southern SwedenMalmo - a port in southern Sweden    
Kingdom of Sweden, Sverige, Sweden - a Scandinavian kingdom in the eastern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula
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The Tyrone singer, 27, will perform in the first semi-final in Malmo, Sweden, tonight - and hopes audiences will vote for his track Only Love Survives.
Swedish property company Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB (OMX Stockholm:WIHL) said on Tuesday (6 May) that it has agreed to sell a property in Malmo, Sweden to Thales AB.
After years of sliding out on the sunk-in coping, the Quiksilver Bowlriders contest has moved from Marseilles, France, to the new uber-park in Malmo, Sweden.
Valeriya Lyssenko of Lund University in Malmo, Sweden, and her colleagues set out to determine whether detecting common forms, or alleles, of nine diabetes-linked genes could predict who would develop the disease among a large population.
Cardo Pump, Malmo, Sweden will join forces with ABS, merging the two organizations and offering a new strategy for its PUMPEX operations.
Moodysson, speaking by phone from his home in Malmo, Sweden, where the married father of two young sons lives, is also a genuinely empathetic soul.
Ove Dehlin, professor of geriatrics in Malmo, Sweden, Solve Elmstahl, professor of geriatrics, Malmo, Sweden, and Finn Gottrup, professor of wound healing in Copenhagen, Denmark, who have jointly headed the execution of the clinical phase III studies on decubitus ulcers, have made the following statement:
Another study released last year, by researchers in Malmo, Sweden, found that the mortality rate among women receiving mammograms was only two-thirds that of an unscreened control group.
The Citytunneln railway project in Malmo, Sweden, said on Friday (30 November) that it has awarded ThyssenKrupp Elevator Sweden installation contracts for a total of SEK55m.
MALMO, Sweden and IRVINE, California -- Telelogic (STO:TLOG) has expanded its partner ecosystem by forming a strategic alliance with Willert Software Tools GmbH.