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Noun1.Maltese dog - breed of toy dogs having a long straight silky white coatMaltese dog - breed of toy dogs having a long straight silky white coat
toy dog, toy - any of several breeds of very small dogs kept purely as pets
References in classic literature ?
I should never keep them for myself, but ladies usually are fond of these Maltese dogs.
On a chilly morning in Manhattan's Chinatown, Mimi and Coco trot off to work at Amy's Hair Salon: two Maltese dogs in hand-knit sweaters.
The couple from Cork but now living in England have shared videos of their engagement, wedding, the arrival of their children - Emilia, three, and one-year-old Eduardo - and footage of their six Maltese dogs.
Thomas Ryan, who wanted to spend his afterlife with his three Maltese pups, had already buried the remains of his wife, Bunny, beside their three Maltese dogs.
The issue came to light in 2011, when the state barred a retired New York police officer from being laid to rest next his three Maltese dogs in the 117-year-old Hartsdale Pet Cemetery.