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(ˈmɑːmɑːkuː) ,




n, pl mamaku
(Plants) a tall edible New Zealand tree fern, Cyathea medullaris, with a black trunk. Also called: black tree fern
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Comparison of taper, volume and bark thickness of 26 years old seedling and cutting from Mamaku Forest (Technical Report No.
ITINERARY: Te Puia Thermal Reserve, Rainbow Springs, Maori Hangi (feast) and Concert Mamaku Ranges
In 1846, when fighting had broken out in the Hutt, Governor Grey received a report of a letter bearing Te Rauparaha's signature, addressed to the inland and up-river natives of the Wanganui tribes, urgently inviting them to join their chief Te Mamaku and his ally Te Rangihaeata in the campaign against the European settlements.