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 (măn′chĕs′tər, -chĭ-stər)
1. A city of northwest England east-northeast of Liverpool. Founded on the site of Celtic and Roman settlements, it was first chartered in 1301. Greater Manchester is highly industrialized. The Manchester Ship Canal (completed in 1894) affords access for oceangoing vessels.
2. A town of north-central Connecticut east of Hartford. Settled in 1672, it was once a major center of silk production.
3. The largest city of New Hampshire, in the southeast part of the state on the Merrimack River north of Nashua. Incorporated as Derryfield in 1751 and renamed in 1810, it was an important textile center from the mid-1800s until the 1930s.


1. (Placename) a city in NW England, in Manchester unitary authority, Greater Manchester: linked to the Mersey estuary by the Manchester Ship Canal: commercial, industrial, and cultural centre; formerly the centre of the cotton and textile trades; two universities. Pop: 394 269 (2001). Latin name: Man'cunium
2. (Placename) a unitary authority in NW England, in Greater Manchester. Pop: 432 500 (2003 est). Area: 116 sq km (45 sq miles)


1. (Textiles) household linen or cotton goods, such as sheets and towels
2. (Commerce) Also called: manchester department a section of a store where such goods are sold


(ˈmænˌtʃɛs tər, -tʃə stər)

1. a city in NW England. 451,000.
2. a city in S New Hampshire. 100,967.
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Noun1.Manchester - largest city in New HampshireManchester - largest city in New Hampshire; located in southeastern New Hampshire on the Merrimack river
Granite State, New Hampshire, NH - a state in New England; one of the original 13 colonies
2.Manchester - a city in northwestern England (30 miles to the east of Liverpool)Manchester - a city in northwestern England (30 miles to the east of Liverpool); heart of the most densely populated area of England
England - a division of the United Kingdom
Mancunian - a native or resident of Manchester