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A tropical American tree (Hippomane mancinella) having poisonous fruit and a milky sap that causes skin blisters on contact.

[French mancenille, from Spanish manzanillo, a kind of olive tree bearing fine small olives, manchineel, from manzanilla, fine small olive, fruit of the manchineel, from diminutive of manzana, apple, from Old Spanish mançana; see manzanilla.]


(Plants) a tropical American euphorbiaceous tree, Hippomane mancinella, having fruit and milky highly caustic poisonous sap, which causes skin blisters
[C17: via French from Spanish manzanilla]


(ˌmæn tʃəˈnil)

a tropical American tree or shrub, Hippomane mancinella, of the spurge family, having a milky, highly caustic, poisonous sap.
[1620–30; < French mancenille]
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The Hip pomane mancinella, or manchineel tree, indigenous to Puerto Rico, is among the most poisonous plants on earth.
There's an indefinable magic about the place, from the rocky, barren northern point, along down the west coast, studded with luxury hotels, villas and restaurants, to the south coast, where the serious parties happen, and round to the wild and woolly east coast, where the angry Atlantic crashes in on stunning rocky shores, and surfers trade tips beneath the manchineel trees.