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 (măn′cho͞o′kwō′) also Man·chu·guo (-gwō′)
A former state of eastern Asia in Manchuria and eastern Nei Monggol (Inner Mongolia). It was established as a puppet state (1932) after the Japanese invaded Manchuria in 1931 and was returned to Chinese sovereignty in 1945.


(ˈmænˈtʃuːˈkwəʊ) or


1. (Historical Terms) a former state of E Asia (1932–45), consisting of the three provinces of old Manchuria and Jehol
2. (Placename) a former state of E Asia (1932–45), consisting of the three provinces of old Manchuria and Jehol



a former country (1932–45) in E Asia, under Japanese control: included Manchuria and parts of Inner Mongolia; now a part of China.
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1932: The Japanese set up the republic of Manchukuo after occupying Manchuria.
The turn of the century saw the influx of Korean independence activists and my great grandfather who drove trucks for his Japanese overlords in the puppet state of Manchukuo.
In the 1930s, he assumed the title of chief executive of the Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo.
99 Kindle, 546pp) is a superbly organized and illustrated guidebook to the preserved Military Aircraft of the Second World War Tripartite Pact of Germany, Italy, and Japan, joined by Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and Yugoslavia; the co-belligerent states of Thailand, Finland, San Marino and Iraq; and the occupied states of Albania, Belarus, Croatia, Vichy France, Greece, Ljubljana, Macedonia, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Cambodia, China, India, Laos, Manchukuo, Mengjiang, the Philippines and Vietnam.
Only nine countries replied to recognize the Republic of the Philippines: Japan, Manchukuo, China, Croatia, Burma, Thailand, Italy, Germany and Slovakia.
On 9 August 1945, exactly three months after Germany's surrender, the Red Army attacked Karafuto, the Kuriles, and Japan's puppet state of Manchukuo in northeastern China.
5) This situation has the potential for becoming a 1931 Manchurian moment, during which the Japanese army invaded and occupied Manchuria, establishing the puppet state of Manchukuo.
2) The Tumen River and its surrounding area subsequently became the site of violent conflict and global power shifts, notably the Russo-Japanese War, the establishment of Manchukuo in 1932 (which was toppled at the end of World War II by Soviet intervention), the partition of the Korean peninsula, and the beginning of the Cold War in East Asia.
75) En un afan de concrecion, Quintanilla aclaro lo siguiente: "Al decir esto, nos referimos no solo al Gobierno titere de Manchukuo y al Gobierno impuesto por el Japon en China, sino tambien, mas cerca de nosotros, las Republicas de America Latina, al Gobierno de Espana".
Meanwhile, leisure visitors can take advantage of the hotels easy access to the citys major attractions, including Changchun Film City theme park, World Sculpture Park, the Museum of the Imperial Palace of Manchukuo, and Jingyuetan National Forest Park.
In 1938 push came to shove between the Soviet Union and Imperial Japan on the border between Mongolia and Manchukuo.