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Man·co Ca·pac 1

 (mäng′kō kä-päk′) fl. 12th century.
Legendary founder of the Inca dynasty who established Cuzco as the center of what would later become the Inca Empire.

Man·co Ca·pac 2

 (mäng′kō kä-päk′) also Manco In·ca Yu·pan·qui (ĭng′kə yo͞o-päng′kē) Died 1544.
Last Incan emperor, he was crowned (1534) as a puppet ruler by Francisco Pizarro after the execution of his brother Atahualpa. He later fled Cuzco and mounted an unsuccessful rebellion against Spanish rule.
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Early in the novel, Martinica overhears the young guerrilla Manco-Capac announcing his capture over the radio with the words 'Caifas en mi poder, todo bajo control, cambio' (Sombras, p.
Martinica himself, questioning Manco-Capac about his possible fate, associates the image of the paredon with revolutionary radicalism: 'Si, dijo el, paredon, como en Cuba' (SNM, p.
As Manco-Capac states: 'era de necesidad que el pueblo mismo asumiera desde ahora misma sus responsabilidades [.