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n.1.A demand.
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The gun he drove had been unlimbered near Horsell, in order to com- mand the sand pits, and its arrival it was that had precipi- tated the action.
Sire, the Board finds this candidate perfect in all the requirements and qualifications for military com- mand, and doth hold his case open for decision after due examination of his competitor.
Some ardor of the air which was causing the veteran com- mands to move with glee--almost with song-- had infected the new regiment.
The purpose of the study reported here was to assess whether a mand repertoire taught to preschool aged children with autism would transfer from adults to peers.
The FCT package included a demand-fading component to reduce the level of effort required to obtain an opportunity to mand appropriately and to provide multiple opportunities to mand during each session.
His surrender will go a long way in improving lasting peace and stability of Pasni, Kulanch, Dashat and Mand areas of Balochistan," the ISPR added.
2009) to teach each participant a mand (touch a break card) that could be used to request breaks from task demands.
Two research studies identified the mand as the primary function of emergent verbal behavior (in the form of sign language) in infants (6 to 15 months) using a modified functional analysis method (Normand et al.
Mr Mand works with Mr Brook and Ms Chatterton on all projects, but is especially skilled in the field of personal debt advice.
The armed militants attacked a convoy of Pakistani Frontier Corps (FC) during a routine patrol in Dokob area of Mand district, spokesman for FC said, noting that the FC personnel retaliated as a result, killing ten militants and wounding many others.
After a titanic battle Mand came through on the last against Ireland's Jake Whelan but Davidson went down on the final hole to Adam Chapman of Windermere.