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also Man·de·an  (măn-dē′ən)
1. A member of a Gnostic sect historically concentrated in Iraq and Iran but now largely dispersed due to war and persecution.
2. Mandaic.

[Mandaic mandaya, having knowledge, from manda, knowledge, from earlier Aramaic manda', madda', infinitive of yəda', to know; see ydʕ in Semitic roots.]

Man·dae′an adj.


(mænˈdɪən) or


1. (Other Non-Christian Religions) a member of a Gnostic sect of Iraq
2. (Languages) the form of Aramaic used by this sect
(Other Non-Christian Religions) of or relating to this sect
[C19: from Aramaic mandaya Gnostics, from mandā knowledge]
Manˈdaeanism, Manˈdeanism n


or Man•de•an

(mænˈdi ən)

1. a member of a Gnostic sect with modern adherents in SE Iraq and Khuzistan in Iran.
2. Also, Man•da′ic (-ˈdeɪ ɪk) a form of Aramaic used in sacred texts of the Mandaeans.
3. of or pertaining to the Mandaeans.
[1870–75; < Mandaean mandayy(ā) Gnostics (literally, the knowing ones) + -an1]
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Noun1.Mandaean - a member of a small Gnostic sect that originated in Jordan and survives in Iraq and who believes that John the Baptist was the MessiahMandaean - a member of a small Gnostic sect that originated in Jordan and survives in Iraq and who believes that John the Baptist was the Messiah
religious person - a person who manifests devotion to a deity
2.Mandaean - the form of Aramaic used by the MandeansMandaean - the form of Aramaic used by the Mandeans
Aramaic - a Semitic language originally of the ancient Arameans but still spoken by other people in southwestern Asia
Adj.1.Mandaean - of or relating to the Mandaean people or their language or culture
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A presidential statement said today: "Masum received a delegation of the sons of Sabean Mandaean sect followers of Johan the Baptist, headed by Sattar Jabbar Helou that the delegation briefed Masum on their demands in its administrative and cultural aspect, stressing that he will work to meet them.
Godolphin in treble form Godolphin completed a treble, with Mandaean the smooth winner of the concluding 1m turf handicap, Mickael Barzalona doing the business for Mahmood Al Zarooni.
Similarly, Nickerson and colleagues (2010) asserted that of 315 Mandaean refugees living in Sydney those with immediate family in Iraq reported higher levels of PTSD and depression than those without family in Iraq.
The Al Khadadys and a number of the Iraqis resettled in Worcester are Mandaean, members of an ancient Christian sect that suffered systematic religious persecution from militants after Saddam Hussein's secular dictatorship fell.
Once more the De Kock trio's main opponents are the Godolphin pair of Do It All and Mandaean.
The ante-post favourite for this year's renewal is Ballydoyle's Bonfire (5/2) but is being seriously challenged on the betting markets by Mandaean (3/1).
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Head of the Mandaean Sabians in Iraq called on the country's Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) to consider his religious minority group as one electoral constituency.
Whilethereisno reasonto thinkthereisanything particularlydifficultabout Mandaean, h edidshowsigns ofinexperienceinbothhis racesattwo,and Yorkisa trackthatcantakesome mastering.
Dubai Mandaean, Godolphin's principal Epsom Derby (G1) hopeful, makes his British debut for trainer Mahmoud Al Zarouni in the Group Two Dante Stakes at York next week.
There were reports that members of the Mandaean community experience societal discrimination and pressure to convert to Islam, and they often are denied access to higher education.
The two scholars should be commended not only for editing these important texts but also for this exciting new venue for Mandaean studies.
BASRA / Aswat al-Iraq: Two Mandaean Sabians were killed by gunmen in an armed robbery on their stores in al-Zubeir souk (market) in western Basra on Saturday, the sect's representative in the province said.