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a.1.Having a mane.
Maned seal
(Zool.) the sea lion.
Maned sheep
(Zool.) the aoudad.
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Over his ivory-inlaid table, Ahab presided like a mute, maned sea-lion on the white coral beach, surrounded by his warlike but still deferential cubs.
Here the ape-man unloosed his grass rope from about his neck, and as Numa stood above the body of the boar, challenging head erect, he dropped the sinuous noose about the maned neck, drawing the stout strands taut with a sudden jerk.
It was a strange experience; the almost noiseless passage of naked human feet and padded paws; the golden walls splashed with precious stones; the dim light cast by the tiny radium bulbs set at considerable distances along the roof; the huge, maned beasts of prey crowding with low growls about us; the mighty green warrior towering high above us all; myself crowned with the priceless diadem of a Holy Thern; and leading the procession the beautiful girl, Thuvia.
No more will his great head and his maned shoulders strike terror to the hearts of the grass eaters at the drinking ford by night.
Three of the males were scantily maned but one, the foremost, carried a splendid, black mane that rippled in the breeze as he trotted majestically forward.
An overproduction of that hormone is also implicated in the lush locks of wild maned lionesses in Botswana's Okavango Delta, but the causes are not clear, lion expert Luke Hunter said in an email.
aerobits solves this problem with its gnss/ads-b core technology, Which enables designing the world smallest and fastest ads-b implementations to guarantee separations between drones and maned aircraft.
African elephants in Tanzania have seen numbers crash due to poaching, maned wolves in Brazil are threatened by grasslands being turned into farmland and European eels have declined due to disease, over-fishing and changes to their river habitats.
The ship was maned by a crew of 12 men of Ukrainian, Turkish and Azerbaijani nationalities.
Micheal's vision has been realized in the imposing form of "Buddy Bigfoot," a seven foot tall, blue, horned, golden- maned, brown- eyed, green polka- dotted monstrosity that has completely failed to terrorize all that discover him.
At night I smoke my pipe and stare through slate-gray smoke at maned medallions hovering shed-high, abob with frowns that seem to find the ground they've left most worthy of their cupped stares down.
Beyond the Taurus Mountains, a maned beast carried the caption 'here lions abound'.