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n.1.A Hebrew weight for gold or silver, being one hundred shekels of gold and sixty shekels of silver.
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Hamad Al Kubaisi attending from the QDB, executive director for Strategy and Business Development, Jawaher Al Nuaimi, director of the Al Dhameen programme, and Khaled Al Maneh executive director of Business Finance, according to a Qatar Exchange (QE) filing.
Other counties are Shirvan, Esfarayen, Maneh and Samalqan, Jajarm, Faroj and Germeh.
Muscat, Liwa, Barka, Khasab, Yankel, Nizwa, Samail and Al Mudaibhi had two women candidates and Suwaiq, Nakhal, Wadi Al Maawal, Al Awabi, Barka, Madha, Al Buraimi, Mahadah, Dankh, Bahla, Adam, Maneh, Iszki, Ibra, Al Qabil, Al Khamel Al Wafi, Jaaln Bani Bu Ali and Masirah had one each.
The MoU was signed by Al Qattami, Abdullah Salem Al Maneh, Director-General of Telecommunications Dubai on behalf of Etisalat; and Mohamed Elewa, Director of United Group.
This article was first published by the Institute for War and Peace Reporting and can befound on the Maneh website.
Be advised that if you persist in your rebellion, then even if your ketubah is worth a hundred Maneh you shall forfeit it all.
Oshaia taught: If a man was his neighbor's creditor for a maneh, and he went and stood at his granary and said, "Repay me my money, as I wish to purchase wheat therewith," and he [the debtor] replied, "I have wheat which I will supply; go and charge me therewith against my debt at the current price.
The 24-member probables list includes Mazen Al Khasbi, Nadheer Al Maskari, Raed Ibrahim Saleh Al Haikal, Basil Al Rawahi, Mohammed Faraj Al Rawahi, Nader Awadh, Badr Naseeb Ba Misl, Hamood Saleh Al Sdi, Rushdie Al Shukaili, Basim Al Ruzaibi, Ali Bait Al Nahar, Ahmed Khalfan Al Siyabi, Maneh Al Mukhaini, Saud Al Farsi, Sami Al Hassani, Mohammed Izzat Al Balushi, Abdullah Noah Bilal, Hatem Al Hamhami, Yasin Al Shiyadi, Abdullah Saleh Abdulhadi, Ali Suleiman Al Busaidi, Sami Mubarak, Abdullah Al Mmari and Mohannad Obaid Al Zbi.
He was formerly an editor-in-chief for the English daily Tehran Times in Iran This article was first published by the Institute for War and Peace Reporting, and can be found on the Maneh website.
How do we know that a disciple to whom his master says: "You know that if I were given a hundred manehs (coins) I would not tell a lie; now, so-and-so owes me one maneh, and I have only one witness against him.
Young Maneh had a rough start, dropping out of school at an early age and then losing his arm when he was 12 in an accident while working at an auto repair shop.
According to the Qatar-based TV station, Maneh said a committee operating under the Libyan ministry responsible for the families of martyrs and missing persons had discovered the remains in a cemetery in Tajoura, east of Tripoli.