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A style of comic strip or comic book originally developed in Japan, characterized by stylized colorful art and often adult themes.

[Japanese : man, unrestrained, careless (from Early Middle Chinese manh; also the source of Mandarin màn) + ga, sketch, picture (borrowed after the Middle Chinese period from a Chinese source, perhaps Mandarin hu´, from Middle Chinese xɦwa⋮j`).]


n, pl manga
(Journalism & Publishing)
a. a type of Japanese comic book with an adult theme
b. (as modifier): manga videos.


(ˈmɑŋ gə, ˈmæŋ-)
a Japanese graphic novel, typically intended for adults, characterized by highly stylized art.
[1985–90; < Japanese, literally, cartoon, comic strip]


nManga m, japanischer Comic
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Une librairie, situee a l'etage, propose toutes les nouveautes et sorties Mangas oscillant entre 300 et 2000 DA.
Examining several Japanese mangas whose main purpose is to educate the masses economy-wise or corporate-culture-wise, in a vulgarization of science sort of process, Bouvard (2011:190, 200) looks at the links between educational manga, the cultural legitimacy of this form of culture and the specificity of the manga medium in the transfer of knowledge.
2), this article aims to explore the ever-increasing popularity of a fairly new (for westerners) form of Shakespeare transmediation--manga, while also looking at two manga versions of the Bard's work.
com)-- Mangas Power is proud to announce their recent signing of an Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) agreement with John Deere to design and sell John Deere-powered products including power equipment, pumps, and generators in the 20-200 HP range.
Mangas Power has over 40 years of experience in industrial applications for the oilfield industry.
In 20 or 30 years, young Algerians will all have mangas and comics on their bookshelves," said Bahloul, predicting the continuation of trend that few would bet against right now.
Apos a colheita, as mangas foram colocadas em caixas de poliestireno expandido, revestidas com plastico-bolha e transportadas para o Laboratorio de Biologia e Tecnologia Pos-Colheita do CCA/UFPB, localizado em Areia--PB.
Mangas colhidas com Boas Praticas Agricolas (CBP) retardaram o desenvolvimento da coloracao quando comparadas aquelas que nao foram colhidas com Boas Praticas Agricolas (SBP) (Figura 1A), indicando ser este um procedimento de manuseio importante na manutencao da qualidade, como tambem verificado para abacaxi, por Silva et al.
One of the first translated mangas to be published was Barefoot Gen, an autobiographical story by Keiji Nakazawa of the Hiroshima bomb.
And, with the current boom in French animation, Mangas are frequently being shelved to make way for local, more user-friendly product.
World's Leading Comic and Manga Art Software Offers New Cutting Edge Color, Vector and Special Effects Tools for Professional, Ready-to-Publish Comic Art