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or Man•i•chae•an

(ˌmæn ɪˈki ən)

1. Also, Man•i•chee (ˈmæn ɪˌki) an adherent of a religious dualism that originated in Persia in the 3rd century a.d., combining elements of Gnostic Christianity, Buddhism, and Zoroastrianism.
2. of or pertaining to the Manicheans or their doctrines.
[1550–60; < Late Latin Manichae(us) (< Late Greek Manichaîos Mani (a.d. 216–276), the founder of the religion + -an1]
Man`i•che′an•ism, Man′i•che`ism, n.
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Noun1.Manichean - an adherent of Manichaeism
adherent, disciple - someone who believes and helps to spread the doctrine of another
Adj.1.Manichean - of or relating to Manichaeism
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Hence, figures such as John Brown, who evince a deep Manichean world-view that pitted slavery against equality, end up in acts of terrorism.
Alternatively, the colonizer's outdated colonial discourse of superiority can be interpreted as having become marginalized into the discourse of madness by newer societal discourses for which the Manichean allegory of superior colonizer/inferior colonized bears no relevance.
Outside of vague moral notions and Manichean fables, truth was, in reality, no use at all," muses a character on his deathbed, in Eduardo Rabasa's ambitious, oft-hilarious political farce, A Zero-Sum Game.
The reception party was aimed at inviting the Omani and British participants to a conference, which will be held in Manichean House, the official headquarter of the Mayor of the Capital District in London, and will be on the logistics sector and activating tourism in the Sultanate.
The acerbic and prickly Garry Wills has especially attacked the book in the New York Review of Books on this score; Wills is particularly exercised by Lane Fox's overdone emphasis upon the Manichean cultic sex act that resulted in the production of "semen bread.
Payne interrogates AmericansAE knee-jerk reaction to 9/11--their escape into the Manichean world of military video games, reaffirming our national mythology as the worldAEs lone and righteous military superpower, rather than investigating the underlying causes of the attack.
In this chaos, simplistic and Manichean policies and discourses are potentially dangerous.
But rather than having a Manichean approach, we stepped up to the plate by launching our website MyTF1, and we became the first French media company to go digital," says TF1 Group CEO/chairman Nonce Paolini.
Mabanckou chronicles the rising tension between adoptive father and son as James grew up to follow his own path, one that contradicted his fathers Manichean view that all Caucasians were "White demons" and the enemy--a view that eventually ended James Baldwins involvement in the church.
Manicheans also are well-known travelers in China and there are many similarities between Buddhist and Manichean texts.
In sum, those beating the drum of war have presented us with a Manichean equation: Iraq, Syria and the broader world are threatened by a barbaric foe; those with the capacity to interrupt ISIL's diabolical machinations have a moral obligation to do so.
Again in the Ukrainian affair we see the Manichean habits of mind of the Cold War, still the most powerful precedent in the last 50 years of American and Western political history and policy studies.