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n. Archaic
A believer in Manichaeism.

[Middle English, from Late Latin Manichaeus; see Manichaeism.]
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Noun1.Manichee - an adherent of Manichaeism
adherent, disciple - someone who believes and helps to spread the doctrine of another
Adj.1.Manichee - of or relating to Manichaeism
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Subsequent chapters continue the analysis in close readings of On Christian Teaching, On Instructing Beginners, and Against Faustus the Manichee.
The sources consulted include, in addition to Durrell's own works and Professor Gordon Bowker's biography, The Medieval Manichee (Runciman), Enthusiasm (Fr Ronald Knox), L'Eglise des Apotres et des Martyrs and L'Eglise des temps Barhares (Daniel-Rops), Cavafy (Liddell), Pharos and Pharillon (Forster), Cairo in the War (Artemis Cooper), Darwin's Plots (Gillian Beer).
Taken seriously, his statement would imply that the apostles never should have followed Jesus, Saint Augustine should have remained a Manichee, and all the Christians Mitt converted to Mormonism, including his wife, Ann, should have remained Christians.
BEAUSOBRE, ISAAC (1734) Histoire critique de Manichee et du Manicheisme.
bodhisattva, becomes by turns a Manichee, a Muslim, a Jewish prince, and
Aquinas referred to the Cathars as Manicheans, because he saw in their teachings basically the same heresy that Augustine had faced in the fourth century when he himself converted from being a Manichee to being a Catholic.
There is, Auden went on to observe, something of the Manichee about Kierkegaard: not intellectually but in feeling, in sensibility.
And Graham Greene's Manichee romances--in which a point of dogma can stop an impassioned lover as fast as a revolver--bear about as much relevance to actual Catholic practices as do the James Bond novels.
L'eroe e tornato, soprattutto nei film di impegno civile, nella figura dell'avvocato e del magistrato, o del cittadino socialmente responsabile, ma la sua figura e piu sfumata, a tratti contraddittoria: non esistono distinzioni manichee, come nel cinema americano sia classico che contemporaneo, tra i buoni e i cattivi, ma un'umanita piu complessa, meno ideologicamente motivata e piu articolata su un piano psicologico.
Burkitt, The Religion of the Manichee (Cambridge, 1925); Fung Yu-Lan, A History of Chinese Philosophy, 2 vols.
Well before the major modem discoveries of Manichaean manuscripts, the 18th-century French Huguenot scholar Isaac de Beausobre conjectured that the Manichaean "Book of Giants" was somehow related to a Jewish apocalypse known as the Book of Enoch (Histoire critique de Manichee et du Manicheisme [Amsterdam: J.
Such despotism, according to Rossetti, resulted in the adaptation of Manichee strategies by authentic Christians who had to resort to the screen language of the Troubadourian senhal (Provencal, "sign, high sign, signal") in order to mask their true meaning (nucleus) under an insincere or hypocritical surface (cortex or shell).