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 (măn′ĭ-tō′bə) Abbr. MB or Man.
A province of south-central Canada. Originally part of a 1670 grant to the Hudson's Bay Company, it was admitted as a province in 1870, shortly after Canadian Confederation. An influx of settlers over the following decades led to an extension of its boundaries in 1881. Winnipeg is the capital.

Man′i·to′ban adj. & n.


(Placename) a native or inhabitant of Manitoba
(Placename) of or relating to Manitoba or its inhabitants
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The 'Langhap Sarap' craze enticed Filipinos and Canadians alike to taste all-time Filipino favorites amid the harsh snowy weather in the Manitoban city.
Manitoban farmers, not to be outdone, originally set out to break the Saskatchewan record, but in the meantime, a group in St.
This contribution will provide non-medical support to five Manitoban families with children awaiting life-saving organ transplants.
Crossing a high-school comedy with a small-town gremlin movie, this cobbled-together live-action cartoon supplies an endless stream of Canada jokes in service of a plot about a hostile takeover by long-dormant Manitoban Nazis who take the form of sodomy-inclined sausages.
This award recognizes a recipient's qualities as an outstanding Manitoban, a patron of education, and someone who demonstrates exemplary citizenship and lifelong commitment to community.
5 ( ANI ): Visiting Premier of Canada's Manitoba Province, Greg Selinger, has congratulated Manitoban firms for growing their business with India, and welcomed a major Indian firm that has established its Canadian headquarters in provincial capital Winnipeg.
As the music changed so did they, moving seamlessly from symphony orchestra to Manitoban, to Henry Mancini to big band without missing a beat.
But the newspaper reneged when the crooks who called themselves Churchill Forest Industries, and who had conned the Manitoba government to loan them $140 million for a forest project at The Pas, sued the Manitoban for libel, singling out economist Harold Chorney and myself, for producing and widely distributing an issue of the paper that exposed the rip-off.
Helping out Romeyn on back-up vocals is fellow Manitoban Nancy Reinhold of the Wyrd Sisters.
As a result of our commitment to provide our readers with the most accurate, informed picture of contemporary Canadian cinema, Take One has uncovered new evidence about Guy Maddin's life and work, hitherto suppressed by the reclusive Winnipeg filmmaker, from a forthcoming special encyclopedia of Manitoban cultural history.
Whether you are a small business owner, a student, a senior or a working Manitoban, Budget 2018 is designed with you in mind.
O'Brien is the first Manitoban to invited to attend the program.

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