Mansfield Katherine


 (mănz′fēld′), Katherine Pen name of Kathleen Mansfield Beauchamp. 1888-1923.
New Zealand-born British writer known for her short stories. Her collections include Bliss (1920) and The Dove's Nest (1923).
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What with mosquitos and all, a fellow can't get himself up to any very sublime moral flights; and I believe," said St.
Even the insect world was to be defended,--that had been too long neglected, and a society for the protection of ground-worms, slugs, and mosquitos was to be incorporated without delay.
Sir Henry and Good slept in a tent pitched in my little grove of orange trees at the end of the garden, for there was no room for them in the house, and what with the smell of the bloom, and the sight of the green and golden fruit--in Durban you will see all three on the tree together--I daresay it is a pleasant place enough, for we have few mosquitos here on the Berea, unless there happens to come an unusually heavy rain.