Mantoux test

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Man·toux test

 (măn-to͞o′, män-)
A tuberculin test in which a small amount of tuberculin is injected under the skin.

[After Charles Mantoux (1877-1947), French physician.]

Mantoux test

(mænˈtuː; French mɑ̃tu)
(Medicine) med a test for determining the presence of a tubercular infection by injecting tuberculin into the skin
[C19: named after C. Mantoux, French physician (1877–1956)]

Man•toux′ test`

(mænˈtu, mɑ̃-, ˈmæn tu)

a test for tuberculosis in which a hypersensitive reaction to an intracutaneous injection of tuberculin indicates a previous or current infection.
[after C. Mantoux (1877–1947), French physician]
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Noun1.Mantoux test - tuberculin (a derivative of tubercle bacillus) is injected intradermallyMantoux test - tuberculin (a derivative of tubercle bacillus) is injected intradermally; a red area appearing 1-3 days later signifies an exposure (past or present) to tubercle bacilli and the need for further testing
tuberculin skin test, tuberculin test - a skin test to determine past or present infection with the tuberculosis bacterium; based on hypersensitivity of the skin to tuberculin
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Mantoux test demonstrated an induration of 28 mm at the end of 72 hours (N < 10 mm).
Based on types of tests, the tuberculosis testing market has been segmented into seven major categories: smear microscopy, culture-based tests, nucleic acid testing, Mantoux test or tuberculin skin tests (TST), radiography (chest x-ray), drug susceptibility testing (DST) and other TB tests.
The results of the C-antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody (C-ANCA) test, Mantoux test, and chest x-ray were normal.
Pickering MC, Haskard DO: False-positive results obtained using the Mantoux test in Behcet's syndrome: comment on the article by Garcia-Porrua et al.
The Mantoux test is an in vivo delayed hypersensitivity response to purified peptide derivative.
Screening for TB involves a simple skin test - a Mantoux test - which is examined two to three days later and will show whether someone has been exposed to the TB germ.
Routine biochemical and hematological investigations, Mantoux test and chest X-rays were done for all patients.